Ready for the Weekend...

Happy Day #1 of the 2007 Canadian National Exhibition. I wish I was there right now. Instead, I am leaving work early to visit the tooth spa. Hopefully all will be well chez dentist and I can be home before 4 to workout. That new AM yoga show sucked so I converted my old Yoga Zone taped episodes to dvd and will incorporate those workouts into my regular routine effective immediately.

Good news = Cheryl has informed me that she will be giving me her ring...the very one that  I have coveted for the past half year or so. It is aquamarine, I think???, set in either platinum or silver. I'll have to ask her. Anyhow, it was the replacement ring the jeweler provided her with while her engagement ring was being restyled. She got to keep the temporary ring after the work on her engagement ring was completed. It is a size four which, I'm told, is quite tiny, so it should fit one of my fingers without  resizing required. I'm so excited....and about jewelry of all things. Normally I hate the stuff.

The Last Legion was released in cinemas today. Add that to Becoming Jane, Bourne Ultimatum and Stardust. That makes four films currently in theatrical release that  I want to see. I know for a fact that I am going to watch Becoming Jane this weekend as it has finally and fortunately just started showing at the nearby Rainbow Market Square. Bourne is there as well. Stardust and The Last Legion...they require treks to the Paramount at John and Richmond so I am not sure when (or if) I will be lucky enough to view. Alas, those are the two I most want to see.

Help!! My bookreading has come to a woeful standstill. The Margaret George novel is too large to port around with me so I haven't been able to read it on the way to or at work. And just when it was getting really interesting. *dang* Mary, QOS, just married the somewhat questionable Lord Darnley in a secret ceremony and I'm curious to see how the court will handle this news. Hopefully it will be nice weather this weekend - I really enjoying sitting and reading in our rooftop garden.  *plans this for early  AM*

niviene and I have completed Phase One of the kitchen clean up. It is quite a daunting project but one that needs to be completed. Phase Two will follow on Saturday, along with some grocery shopping. Sunday will be movie day. And sadly, the Ex must wait another weekend.
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I've heard so much about this ring so I must see asap! Dame!!

Yay for movies...HAVE TO SEE the Last Legion at the theatre...HAVE TO! I'm just saying.

Ah the ex...we'll get there eventually...