The Ex and the Open...

Twas the annual visit to the CNE aujourd'hui. Good weather, good food but way too crowded and noisy to enjoy it fully. Now both niviene and I are completely exhausted. Remind me to never go there on a weekend. The lineups were atrocious. I did manage to make some rather thrifty purchases at the various shopping outlets. Of note, at the Bluenotes store, I scooped up some extra low rise jeans (2 pairs for $30) which are skin tight and look quite nice...I just can't wear a short top with them because they are REALLY low cut (i.e. if I bend over I have butt cleavage). Also purchased a nifty top and a pair of cropped jeans for a whopping $5 at the Suzy Shier outlet. Unfortunately the cropped jeans, size 00 (= my normal size),  turned out to be too small around the hips :O I'm assuming it's because I am so bloated right now due to jorge (aka Day 1) or perhaps because the cut was really really small. quidquid. They were only $2.50 anyway. Best part of the day was going to Yeuh Tung on the way home for Chinese takeout. Chili Chicken is the single most perfect food on this planet. Watching Shahar Peer defeat Nicole Vaidisova while eating said Chili Chicken was quite a bonus. Mazel tov!! I hope she makes it to at least the Semis especially now that Sharapova has been ousted.

It was also rather enjoyable to finally see a women's match that  was both competitive and managed to run longer than an hour. It is simply appalling that these ladies are making the same amount of $$$ as the men. The men are out on the courts working their asses off for three to four+ hours to complete a five set match whereas the ladies are usually finished up their best of three matches within one and half hours. I just don't see the logic. I'm all for equal rights but to me that implies the women should be required to do the same amount of work as the men...that is, best of five sets in the Grand Slams. On the men's side, Roger and Feli both won which means...Monday night madness. I'll need some chocolate (and a lot of wine) to get me through that match. Rafa plays tomorrow...mid-afternoon...BTW, Rafa is blogging again for the Times Online during the Open. He's a riot. I love his posts. Short, simple, politically correct but yet completely entertaining. I'm certain his column is probably putting some sports journalist out of a job but hey, let's be realistic, most sports journalists don't have a clue what they are talking about anyway so I'd rather let Rafa have his 300 words. Now whether or not those 300 words happen to be expressive or fluent or contain earth-shattering revelations or stirring anecdotes is irrelevant.  Last I checked, Rafa was trying to win the US Open, not a Pulitzer Prize.
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