It's so close I can taste it...

Japanese mega meal for lunch. I am so stuffed now...  *eyes green tea ice cream* well, maybe not that stuffed. Bonus - I have leftovers for tomorrow!!

I am so happy to report that this week has been a lot slower at work, transfer wise. Dare I say, has transfer season peaked???  |-D *prays* Yesterday I was so up-to-date I was able to leave early and get to the gym before 5 PM. What a difference some yoga, treadmill and weightlifting makes. It is a lethargy zapper!!  When my boss returns from his meetings in BC I will request two leave early days a week enabling me with some quality gym time.

Adding to my happiness is the knowledge that I am only one paycheque away from (a) my three paycheque month and (b) maxing on CPP and EI deductions...in other words, lots more money will be heading my way until the end of the year. Scary but true I have actually started a list of what needs to be purchased with this extra money as I need to ensure I purchase all the necessary items to last me until the next three paycheque month.

I must take advantage of this spare time. I best be doing the August financials before another onslaught of transfers catches me off guard. Ciao for now!
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