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I can't believe I actually have some free time to post. OK well, truthfully, I still don't have time to post - I should be completing my Finance Meeting notes but I have priorities and posting must come first in this case.

Transfer season has definitely peaked. Don't get me wrong, it is still busy, busy, busy but not like it was at the beginning of the month. I am a little concerned with my work schedule in terms of potential vacation time conflicts. Two years 19 months, to be precise, down the road, when my debt is paid off, the two times of the year I will most likely want to take vacation are during my two busiest times. I may be able to get away with taking off time in late April/early May (the audit season) with some 'creative accounting' but taking any time off at the beginning of September would just be a disaster. I can't imagine being off for one complete week during this month.  I'd return to utter chaos. That doesn't bode well for the dream Arthurian England tour that is offered by Gothic Images only twice a year...early September and early May. Oh well. I will worry about that little matter when the time comes along.

There has been a snag in my oh-so-enjoyable exercise routine. I pulled something in or around my hip and now am somewhat grounded. It feels okay when I walk and stretch but getting up or sitting awkwardly makes it worse.  Today is the first day I haven't felt any significant pain.  Unfortunately this means two things - first, I haven't been able to work out and won't be working out for at least another week. :-(  Second, I have to start using the elliptical instead of the treadmill when I do return to my regular routine. URGH. I just don't feel like I'm getting a true workout on the elliptical trainer.

To counter that bad news, the weather has been remarkable. :-) Right now it's sunny and 31 degrees...at the end of September. What I wouldn't give for it to stay in the 20s for the month of October!!!

No new movies to report. JABC opens this weekend but in limited release. The new tv season is just starting up. Heroes premiered last night. Dang...I completely forgot what happened at the end of last season. I really should have rewatched that finale. Is it just me or is Mohinder actually prettier this season? Sylar wasn't on...or was he...I have my own theories....mwuahaha... Journeyman debuted - parts of it were silly, parts were brilliant. I'll keep watching...for now, even though it is on at 10 PM and I hate staying up that late on a Monday night. I'm sooooo tired today!! A couple of other shows have already started up including new cycles of America's Next Top Model and Beauty and the Geek which I will likely will continue watching. Tomorrow night is the premiere of The Bionic Woman which needs to be watched at least once just to make sure it does suck as much as I expect it to. Thursday is the Ugly Betty  premiere - at last, a regular show, worth watching. Friday is the start of the Vampire PI show which I will watch primarily to see Sophia Myles. Next week is the debut of The Tudors. YAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!! For the record, I'm on Anne's side...even if Catherine is Spanish and Catholic. Frankly, I'm more interested in Anne's daughter and her number one rival these days though.

Oooooh...Rafa filmed a L'Oreal commercial. *snicker*  How much would you pay to hear him say "bekusss I'm worthhh eet" as he slowly and methodically reads every word on his cue card ? If someone would like to air that commercial I'd much appreciate it since I won't be seeing him play tennis anytime soon. Madrid Masters is not until the middle of October and that is only if he is deemed healthy enough to participate. I hope that he at least gets to finally enjoy some well deserved time off. I see that Nole is just over 1000 points away from taking over the number two spot...a barely conceivable feat. I'm not entirely sure that change in rankings would be a bad thing. Sure Rafa would be upset to go from two to three but that would now mean he could be placed on either side of a tourney draw and that, I think, is good news for the tennis world in general. If Rafa kept being placed on Roger's half of the draw, Roger would be facing losing to Rafa in Semis on a regular basis. Roger must be absolutely paranoid. Between Rafa and Nole, imagine how quickly they could and would dethrone the #1?

Yesterday's repeat episode of History Bites was the one about the Borgias. As a result, this morning I spent a good portion of my bus ride pondering what it would have been like to make out with Chez. Good thing they didn't air the episode about Jesus....mwuahaha...

I suppose that is it for this post. I'm certain I overlooked several noteworthy anecdotes - if I remember anything of significance I'll let you know.

... yet another Registration Committee Conference Call tonight... *twitches*...well at least that will put me right out. I should schedule these things for 9:30 PM. I'd probably get the best sleep of my life.
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Oooooh...Rafa filmed a L'Oreal commercial. *snicker* How much would you pay to hear him say "bekusss I'm worthhh eet"

*tries not to laugh* For what is what I'd like to know and yes someone please air it NOW!