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Sobey's has finally opened. I was there for the grand opening at 9 AM this morning at which time there was a line up of about 150 people. They distributed flowers and coupons and had tons of in-store samples to hand out - no major freebies though. In my quick perusal I determined that Sobeys seems more like a cross between a normal grocery store (e.g. Loblaws, Dominion) and a specialty corner store (e.g. Rabba). There was a good variety of stock but not a lot of certain items. Some of the specialty/exclusive foods looked quite enticing. Their prices were comparable to the grocery stores - overpricing Dominion/Loblaws on some items and way underpricing them on others. It should be fine for grocery shopping but there will still be some items that will need to be purchased elsewhere, especially the paper products and the toiletries. Then again, I really only did a quick walk through. The verdict is still out. I'll let you know after I actually have to go grocery shopping. Still though,  it's only a block away and it's open 24 hours so I will not be complaining!!

No Phil today = home made waffles at work!! And, of course, a very short work day. I plan on leaving at 3:45. Frankly, I really wish I could just leave right now as I feel a migraine coming on. Yesterday I popped in a bookstore on the way home, just on a whim, and discovered that The Alexandria Link was already out on week earlier than anticipated. That isn't the first time that Chapters/Coles/Indigo location has received book earlier than it was supposed to. I'm going there from now on to get the new releases. I'm still not finished The Knights of the Black and White just yet. I have about 100 pages to go and I am trying to stall as it has been quite a good read (well at least the first half, Hugh de Payens = HOT!!) and I don't want it to end just yet. Either way, I'll have the new book ready to go for this weekend.
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