New Bra

Purchased a La Senza So Free unlined triangle bra in black with animal print, on sale for $17+, which can be worn 3 ways - regular, criss cross or halter style. It is possibly the most comfortable bra I have ever tried on and the closest to wearing absolutely nothing at all. Fortunately I did actually try it on first. For most of my life I've been a 34B or so I thought. Now 34s are too tight for me. Hmm, maybe the weightlifting is finally paying off. I needed a 36B. How tiny are girls these days? Has sizing changed? What gives. I couldn't even try on the34B push up bra - I was falling out all over the place and would have had to go with the 36C. Good to know for future Victoria's Secret reference.

No Moonlight tonight! *weeps*
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