Good to be back...

I hate to say this but it is so good to be back at work again. I have some minor annoying tasks to get through - all financial related (invoicing, visa reconciliation, month end, budget worksheet prep, Finance notes) but once they are done it should be somewhat relaxing around here. No Phil for the next week and a half so I am on shortened hours - I plan on leaving before 4 every day.  There are a couple of errands I need to complete tonight but hopefully I'll make it home before 6 PM. I didn't exactly start the New Year off so great in regards to my exercise regime - I only managed a very brief abs workout. Today maybe some yoga when I get home. We'll see. Since niviene became ill my eating habits have changed for the better so eating healthier hasn't been much of a issue. I haven't had coffee for over three weeks now - a fact that I am immensely proud of. However, I haven't been drinking enough water. Upon arrival back at work it appears that one of the staff members has a cold so I won't be using our water cooler any time soon. Bottled water it is. As for my reading cycle, I still haven't finished The Divine Comedy - I'm currently in Hell, the rim of the 7th circle. I plan on reaching Purgatory this weekend and have the whole voyage completed sometime next week. It's been quite the journey although I still don't think it was appropriate to place Achilles in the 2nd circle?? LUST??? WTF??? Blood-lust maybe, but pure Lust, I don't think so. He should have been bathing in boiling blood in the 7th circle along with the other souls who committed violence against their neighbours. Or, at best, he could have been placed in the 5th circle with the 'wrathful' angry souls. Not lust...not Achilles. Lust was the least of this sins. Then again, Julius Caesar was placed in Limbo, Circle 1, with the other unbaptized/righteous pagans?? o_O Let me see now - that would be the same Julius Caesar who, more or less, committed genocide in his attempt to destroy the Gauls. *headdesk* Well I suppose during Dante's time JC's actions were deemed virtuous and just (or perhaps the propaganda was still working - heck, it still is today...) P.S. I still love the guy. He did what he thought he had to do and for the most part, served the people of Rome as well as could be expected in that era of tyrants.

2008 Rafa watch: he won his first match in Chennai - 6-2, 6-4 - but not without a lot of effort.

BTW, it is currently 35 degrees in my office. That is what happens in the winter when it is sunny outside and the heat is cranked up inside. I am sitting here in a cropped tank top right now enjoying the balmy, beach weather. It's sheer bliss.
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Love the avatar. And it's such a shame about Niviene being so freakin' sick. Honestly, one asshole chooses to come in to work when they're ill, and innocent people suffer.
Yes. Fortunately she is getting lots of rest. I hate it when people come in sick to work. And what is so annoying now are those commercials for various medicines designed to work miracles and make you feel as though you are well. The ads practically encourage and promote the fact that you should still go to work when you are sick!! There is one ad that features a woman with a cold who takes whatever brand medicine that renders her feeling so well she goes swimming in a public pool. Great - just what I want - "an incubus of viral plague" contaminating an entire public area. Why do these people not just listen to their bodies, stay home and heal rather than force themselves to work?? Other than the President of the US dealing with a nuclear crisis, I really can't think of any job that is so demanding that it requires such devotion. That said, I'm not entirely sure what Niviene has is what her boss had, although I am certain that by exposing her to whatever he did have, he only made it worse.
I totally hate that commercial! I've been sick these past few weeks, but not nearly as bad as Niviene. So I noticed those ads, and I was horrified thinking of sickos hitting the pool. I sure as hell wasn't going to do it - disgusting.