American Idol

I stated earlier this year that this cycle of American Idol has produced the best crop of talent of all the seasons. After watching last night's performances, its seems as opportune a time as any to comment on the top twelve. First though, it was a pleasure to hear the Beatles again. Ever since I watched Across the Universe, I've been obsessed with their music. Never really liked their music that much prior to the movie. Now I can't stop playing that soundtrack (and I love, love, love the Jim Sturgess version of Something). But I digress...and here is my take on the next future American Idol....

Actually, before I start my contestant by contestant analysis,  AI does deserve one mini-rant.....what is the necessity in having exactly 6 female and 6 male competitors? This year aside, there have been years where it certainly did not require or deserve a 50/50 split. There have been numerous occasions when I would have preferred more guys than girls and vice versa. If this is a contest to showcase the very best then why should the final 12 be limited to exactly 6 girls and 6 guys??? If it turns out to be 10 girls and 2 guys, so be it. Mini-rant over....now on to the individual contestants....

1. Carly Smithson...she has the best voice of the lot. I can't say as I believe she should be the next American Idol - she doesn't seem naive enough for that title - but she definitely deserves to win based on vocal ability alone. She was the best performer last night and even her occasional mediocre performances in the past blow most of the other contestants away. She may not be drop dead gorgeous by conventional standards but she has the most perfect hair colour and her eyes stand out for miles. She MUST be in the top 5.

2. Amanda Overmeyer...if Elvis Presley and Wynonna Judd were to have had a love child I'm certain she would have turned out exactly like Amanda. Her voice is unique and she stands out. She should have sang Helter Skelter last night as it suited her Joplin-esque voice, but I suppose America doesn't want to be reminded too much of that song. o_O. I'd be happy to see her stick around until the top 5 but I doubt that will happen. (BTW, Simon said he could only understand 30% of what she was saying...well that is much better than 10% coherence rate I would attribute to  Paula Abdul, so I suppose it's not that bad in the overall scheme of things!)

3. Brooke White...She is the antithesis of everything that has come to represent AI. I think she honestly has been my favourite since the beginning. She just seems so authentic - a true talent, mature and professional, who quite simply loves music and wants to perform without all the glitz and glamour. Unfortunately she will never ever fit the AI mold of the wannabe pop-idol and I hope that does not hinder her chances. I would love to see her make top 5.

4. Kristy Lee Cook - I am certain that John Lennon rolled over in his grave last night after her butchering of Eight Days a Week. Please get this girl off the show ASAP. I didn't  want her to make the top 12 in the first place. When she does perform well, she is tolerable at best, but I would never want to listen to this girl on the radio much less purchase her albums. YUCK!! Hopefully she doesn't even make top 10.

5. Syesha Mercado - she's okay. Nothing particularly special about her - except she has great hair!! Based on her auditions, I do believe she has the potential to perform better than we have seen over the past couple of weeks but  I don't think she could surpass Brooke or Carly. Arguably top 10 material but not top 5.

6. Ramiele Malubay - she is cute and bubbly and sweet and all of America is just ready to love her. She just hasn't provided the cute and bubbly and sweet performances that we want to see from her. A couple more weeks of tedium and she is gone.

1. Michael Johns...I refrain from comment on him. The man channels Jim Morrison on stage, plays and coaches tennis, and has an Australian accent. How can I possibly be objective when it comes to him??? He may not win but please, for my hormones' sake, keep him around for a while!!! *prays*

2. David Archuleta...he is soooooo cute - or so the million teenage, screaming girls would seem to indicate. Quite frankly, he could cough through his entire performance, forget the words to whole song, make up new and controversial lyrics, trip and fall, wear fluorescent green cords and a flaming pink t-shirt and still make it to the next round with a record number of votes. Unlike most of the previous 'pretty-boys', the one thing David has going for him is that he can actually sing. He has a great voice and deserves to make top five. His popularity alone will likely carry him even farther, if not winning the whole thing.

3. David Cook...the default 'rocker'. Well his performances are possibly the most daring of the lot - he certainly doesn't want to be conventional. But he just doesn't have that rocker edge that I myself like to see. Maybe it is just because I don't like his style - he isn't exciting enough for me. He is original though. His arrangements are the most current - that is, he can take a song and turn it into something that would very much be successful in today's rock world  (I keep thinking of Alien Ant Farm's remake of Smooth Criminal for lack of a better example).  For creativity sake, I hope he sticks around  and wouldn't be that upset if he makes top five. At least he isn't boring or forgettable...and speaking of which....

4. David Hernandez....please leave the show. I know that the media execs have already proclaimed him and David Archuleta as having the most potential. I just can't see it in his case. On occasion, few and far between, he has given a great performance. But for the most part, he bores me to tears. I didn't want him to make top 12. If he is out before the top 10 I'd be sooooo happy, but I sincerely doubt I'll get my wish. He makes me think of Elliot Yamin (I had to look up his name 'cause I certainly don't remember it...) who managed to come in third in the same season that Chris Daughtry came in fourth. Yep, that is exactly what I am thinking...much like Elliot, David will likely go further than one if not more of the really talented contestants...and then he'll fade into obscurity. MEH

5. Chikezie...I really didn't want him to make top 12 and would be more than happy to see him out before top 10. That said, I much prefer him to David Hernandez. He does at least try to give a decent performance every week. He is likeable but not as charismatic as some of the other performers. He does have the potential to get better but, IMO, he is not top 5 material.

6. Jason Castro....don't be fooled by that Archuleta kid, Jason is the cute one here. You can't not like him. He is adorable. His only problem is that he hasn't developed his own style yet nor does he seem to have enough confidence in himself at this point in time. Then again, that is EXACTLY what AI wants for an AI winner....someone they can COMPLETELY mold and manipulate and market and make money off of. I hope as he progresses through this season he doesn't become a sheep blindly following the dictates of those around him. If anything he could learn a lot about the industry - both the good and the bad side - from this experience. He certainly has talent. He can only get better as he gains more self confidence. I hope he sticks around for a while...he has top five potential but that can change all-too-quickly for him (and a few others) over the next couple of weeks.

That about sums it all up. If I could choose my top five right now it would be Carly, Brooke, Jason, David A. and Michael. Unfortunately I sincerely doubt that will be the top five.  At least, though, I am happy to continue watching the remainder of the season to see how it all plays out. Now if only we could just ditch Paula!
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\o/ At least #4 David Hernadez is now GONE! BYE BYE! GOOD RIDDANCE!!!
I couldn't stand that creature. I am sooooooooo glad he is out!!!!! Next up, in no particular order, I would like the following individuals booted...

1. Kristy - although I could tolerate her presence a little longer if she promised no more ho-downs or hog calling!!
2. Chikezie
3. Syesha

After that, it's up for grabs....*is VERY scared*