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Now that I have some $$...

A sort of dull weekend is now over. My stomach has been bothering me since Saturday so I opted for a bran muffin and some cranberry juice this morning. Hopefully it will be better soon - it is definitely not bothering me as much as it was on Saturday night!! I think I'm mid cycle so that could be a contributing factor to the problem. MEH. At least no trip to the gato dottore this weekend...thank the gods!!

It was a great weekend, sport-wise.. Real Madrid played convincingly well to defeat Sevilla 3-1. That score honestly should have been much higher for RM with all those viable shots on goal for Higuin and Raul. In Miami, Rafa has cruised into the 4th round to face off against Mathieu. Djokovic, the defending champion, lost in his first round match and effectively will drop about 475 points because of that loss. If Rafa makes it to the QF or higher, he will amass a goodly number of points to cushion his lead over Nole. Just forget about that number one position, at least until after clay court season and Wimbledon.

I did have the opportunity to watch a whole bunch of DVDs of the teen genre variety...The Seeker - which, I believe, is likely better in its novel format (which should fill in all the missing details and make the characters a bit more lively), Nancy Drew - exactly what you would expect and VERY traditional rather than modernized, Enchanted - which, in true Disney fashion, was charming...although I really did find the songs a tad annoying after a while.

Paid off my Victoria's Secret bill and the outstanding income tax balance due. YAY Next up is the LJ payment towards my paid account which is due in just over a month from now. Throughout the week I will be paying back everyone else whom I owe $$ to: petty cash, Cheryl and niviene. Tonight I will trek over to Pure + Simple to purchase their Collagen Mask which is on sale for (almost) half price.  Of course I'll pop into the used bookstore while I'm there....That revamped book wishlist will surely some in handy right about now!!

I am soooo thankful this is the last day of March...I want to be over with already. Only 112 days till the Rogers Cup!!!
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