Guess what?? It's raining in Wimbledon...

Here we are with the just the second rain delay in Wimbledon this year. MIRACLE!! The inclement weather gives me an opportunity to update LJ.
Wimbledon has been pretty much perfect up to today – both match and weather-wise. The round of 16 on Monday was fantastic, almost as good as last year’s QF Friday. Actually it wasn’t that good on women’s side but I pretty much had given up hope on Shahar getting past Dementieva and I knew Jankovic was not playing at 100%. Basically the women’s side is done for me now that they are out. I fully expect a Williams sisters final. Not exactly my cup of tea. Go Venus??!!! MEH.

On the men’s side everything has been falling into place just perfectly. I expected a little more umph from Lleyton in his match against Federer but the minute he lost the first set tie-break it just went downhill from there. I was hoping Ancic would give Fed more of a challenge but he is already down a set. Who knows…maybe he can regroup during the rain delay. *is dooptful* Oh Feli how I love you right now. Once I saw the draw and had this route mapped out for you…now just hold on a little longer and you are into the Semis. Umm, just a tad concerned here – I don’t think he had those highlights in the round of 16. Feli this is NOT the time to worry about your hair!!?? *rolls eyes* Then again, whatever it takes to make him more confident. I should have known Murray would have defeated Gasquet in the end. A Nadal/Gasquet match will simply never happen…as much as I want it to. I will have the Nadal/Murray match on mute the entire time…all the UK homeboy bias and support would drive me batty. The ESPN commentators are all backing Rafa and the records all point to a Nadal win but stranger things have happened. The crowd support played a big role in giving Murray his victory over Gasquet and I imagine it will be all the more raucous today. *groans* But it’s Rafa, not Richard and there is a world of difference between the two. I know how much Rafa wants his Wimbledon victory, it’s not that far off now…please just hold on for the last few rounds. BTW, loving the ‘backhand slice’…and if he can just keep the aces going…oh gosh here I go again…*daydreams* …hopefully Rafa has taken his cue from….

Team Spain – of course they won Euro 2008. :-) Was there ever a doubt?? They deserved the victory. They simply outplayed everyone they faced. I don’t think there was a single moment, other than possibly the shootout with Italy, that Iker was truly challenged. Spain never allowed their opponents an opportunity to do anything with the ball when they had possession. Spain, on the other hand, did a great job capitalizing on their chances. I was happy to see Torres score the winning goal. He had so much pressure both on and off the field and it was nice to see him finally break through. Most reliable and impressive players IMO had to be Xavi and Senna. I loved watching Iker lift that trophy. I kind of wish Raul was there as well…seems a little wrong without him. It was a great tournament all round…can’t wait for South Africa 2010. (Hopefully this Spanish victory will inspire another one later this week *cruises fingers* *dreams of All-Spain Wimbledon Final*)

Vacation has been quiet – again spent mostly watching Wimbledon, reading, sunbathing and a little shopping (and I do mean ‘a little’…I’m on a strict budget until October!!!) The weather has been a little chaotic but at least it was gorgeous for Canada Day – not that I did anything special. I do have a craving for a hot dog though!! Maybe I’ll get one on the weekend since all inclinations are leaning towards me taking a trip to the Beach on Saturday.

I see it is still raining in London…*sigh* …perhaps I should go to the Market now instead of waiting for a match that is more than likely not even going to take place today…:-(

EDIT: I’m still here…play is supposedly set to resume in 30 minutes…(Just think, this is the last year of these rain delays!!!) Vamos Feli!!