Forget Hillary and Obama...

I normally could care less about American politics - the political races, the state percentages and voting majorities, but for the first time I found a poll that truly warrants my attention. ESPN is conducting a survey as a follow up to Wimbledon, the key question being 'Who do you like better - Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal?' As I post this entry there are over 26,000 responses with the vote split exactly 50/50. Of interest is the poll results map outlining voting by state.  Most of the southern, western and central states are backing Nadal whereas the north is clearly Federer territory. Alaska is Federer's; Hawaii is Nadal's. The international response favours Rafa. Up for grabs are Louisana, Oregon, Wyoming, Virigina, North Carolina and New Jersey.

Considering the overwhelming ramifications of such an election, do you think it would be wrong for me to demand that ESPN issue a recount for Washington, Arizona, Colorado and Oklahoma??

Please don't forget to cast your vote. The fate of the tennis world lays in your hands!!!
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That is fascinating. And I love your icon. Don't worry, I'll vote. Ugh, no, no recounts. They are so stressful and always turn out WRONG, IMO.
I love this icon too - Hans Mathieson as Nero!! The movie wasn't that great but Hans kind of reminds me a little of Gago.

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Most of the southern, western and central states are backing Nadal

Clearly those states have a large population of Spanish Americans so they better adore Rafa and...I LOVE that he's taken Hawaii too! That's just brilliant but fitting as it's a warm island and Rafa is a sea, sun sand person while Fed Ex is Swiss...the Alps, skiing, snow cold so he would take Alaska and a lot of the cold north country too!
I think the Alaskans prefer Federer because they are jealous of anyone who gets to live on a lovely, warm, Mediterranean island.

BTW, I can't really talk about Alaska now without thinking of Twilight - hurry up and read the books!!!