Canadian Idol...the new season...

Up until last night the new season of Canadian Idol looked rather promising. After the selection of the top ten I'm left shaking my head. Who in their right mind would have chosen Adam, Mark and Mitch over Oliver Pigott? *eyedart* I do wholeheartedly agree with the remaining seven selections, with the exception of Katherine who, IMO, is far, far overrated. Well at least it should make for some easy eliminations over the first few weeks. If the final five aren't Sebastian, Mookie, Earl, Theo and Amberly I will take it as a sign that it is time for me to leave this country. If I had my choice, the final two would have been both Pigott brothers battling it out. Oh well!! Sebastian may not be the best singer but he is simply mesmerizing when he is on stage - he is impossible not to like. Mookie and Earl both possess those token eccentric personalities - I can't wait till next week as they are covering Bowie songs and those two should provide some very memorable if not spectacular performances. Theo is like a mini Elton John at that piano and Amberly reminds me of a primary school teacher who would grab her guitar, sing some folk songs and encourage her class in a sing-a-long. Drew looks like a hobbit and could easily be mistaken for that missing member of DriveShaft (LOST LOL)  He is a complete wild card. People may like him and keep him around till the end or he could be gone as early as next week. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

I do have one compliment and one criticism of this year's selection. Good for Idol in not making it a perfect split of male versus female competitors. It makes so much sense - you should keep the very best 10 performers no matter what gender. And for that reason I also need to be critical of the method for determining the top ten. The final ten should have been determined based on the cumulative totals rather than the individual night totals - that is, instead of keeping the top five from Monday night and the top five from Tuesday night, it should have been the overall top ten going forward. If it turned out that the top ten highest votes were received by seven of the Tuesday night performers and three of the Monday night performers then so be it. Why force us to keep people who aren't as talented just because they were fortunate enough to land on the weaker side of the draw? quidquid
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Hmmm. Maybe I should watch it this time around. I'm thoroughly fed up with American Idol and wouldn't mind seeing/hearing the Canadian judges for a change.
Watch it and let me know what you think. Sebastian is just...well...there are no words. And normally I don't like blondes.
Drew looks like a hobbit and could easily be mistaken for that missing member of DriveShaft (LOST LOL)

You are everybody! *sings loudly in screechy voice*
For marketing purposes (not that they really need it) LOST should put out a DriveShaft cd. I know I'd buy it. DriveShaft are better than at least half the bands out there today!