Can you believe him??

WOW. That is pretty much sums up how I feel right now. Rafa wins the French Open, wins Wimbledon, on Sunday he will play for a gold medal at the Olympics and win or lose he will be the number one player in the world come Monday.  : )

I'm also happy to see that Roger has made it to the doubles final. He deserves an Olympic medal as well. And I can't believe I'm going to say this but I really hope Djokovic gets the Bronze. He honestly deserves the silver but unfortunately for him he was on the wrong side of the draw. Although  I didn't get to see the post-match (internet connection sucked!), apparently Novak cried at the end of today's Semi. Gosh I actually feel sorry for him. Well he certainly should beat Blake for the Bronze. And sadistic me really wants to see Rafa stand on that podium with his gold medal and look down on Nole. That really would bring a tear to my eye. I'm so excited I may even get up at 4 am on Sunday to watch it live. What a great way to start the day.

In other Olympic news, I am now officially in love with the Gasol brothers and the entire Spanish basketball team for that matter.  I may even venture over to the ACC to check out the Raptors when they play Memphis this season. I'm mighty impressed by the fact that they attended Rafa's QF and stayed till it's completion circa 1 am although why anyone would have the audacity to start a tennis match after Midnight is beyond me. Good thing Rafa finished off Melzer so quickly or else he would have had to play twice today. Poor Roger/ He definitely had the worst of it scheduling wise. He goes out, loses his QF, and then has to wait around until well past Midnight only to have his doubles match start and then get postponed before they could even finish out the first set. That forced Roger to complete the QFs doubles match today and then, after a so-called adequate rest period, go on to play the Semi against, of all people, the Bryan brothers. It is truly a testament to his skill that he did manage to pull off the victories and will be playing for gold tomorrow.

In still other random Olympic news, the Argentinian football team. Is it just me or is Gago way more confident on this team than he is on Real Madrid? Good to know Nastia Liukin and I are approximately the same size cause her body is pretty much perfect. The Equestrian dressage is just painful to watch - those poor horses are just plain suffering in that heat. I am officially sick of hearing about Michael Phelps. And no, Canada has not won a medal yet. No biggie though - when we do, I'm certain that's all we'll ever see, non-stop, 24-7, rebroadcast perpetually on CBC...*rolls eyes*. I freely admit Ron McLean knows absolutely nothing about tennis - he called James Blake James "Black" and pronounced Nadal as NAY'-Doll which was downright annoying. I like Ron but really, he should stick to hockey.

In non-Olympic news, saw the first pics from the set of Dorian Gray...*swoon*...it was just like I imagined...although I freely admit at one point I was distracted away from Ben Barnes and found myself checking out Colin Firth. WTF?

Rumour has it that the weather will actually be nice this weekend. Perhaps that will warrant an excursion of some sorts. I have to get outdoors or I am going to go stir crazy soon. Dang, the Olympic schedule is so good tomorrow though - lots of tennis and football. Hmmm, what a dilemma!! *eyes DVR*
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I'm really happy for Rafa! I really hope he wins the gold medal! Vamos Rafa!
@ Nole: I saw when he was crying while leaving the court, I have to admit, I felt sorry for him. I also saw a TVE off-court interview of Rafa, the Spaniard cried while speaking to the interviewer awww...This means a lot to the players.
@ fedex: I didn't expect this from me, but I was kinda cheering for the swiss doubles to win. Me cheering for fedex?! Wow! Maybe coz I feek sorry for him. Dunno
@ football: Brazil vs Argentina next. Wat a semi. Go Brazil :D