So this is Robin Hood...

I've been watching a lot of the BBC's Robin Hood these days. I really didn't know much about the story - just that Robin and his followers took up residence in Sherwood Forest and robbed from the rich to give to the poor. Wow...I was so naive. That whole Crusader twist has suddenly made this story a heck of a lot more interesting for me. It helps that I'm still reading Standard of Honor which basically is about the third crusade - set right around the time of Robin Hood. I freely admit Richard the Lionheart is my new historical crush (ok so he did have a nasty side but I still like the guy!). I jsut wish I had more time to read the book - it is taking me forever to finish it. :(

Work is slow today. It has basically been hit or miss over the past few weeks - some days are so insanely busy I can barely find time for lunch. Other days are so slow I find myself completing tasks that aren't due until November. MEH. Tomorrow is a half day at work followed by a visit to the tooth spa to start off the last long weekend of summer. I can't believe summer is coming to an end so quickly. On the bright side, this is my last summer of being debt. I'll be completely debt-free come next summer!! 

Rafa's second round US Open match is scheduled for prime time tonight so I will be able to watch it...at home...on tv...rather than on a 2" x 2" internet livefeed. *grins* I just hope Rafa wins quickly - I don't want to have to stay up past 11:00 PM Midnight.
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The Robin Hood series sounds interesting! I might have to wait for the DVD though, to watch it. I've been that busy.

I'm looking forward to the match tonight!
Vamos Rafa! The Robin Hood series is cute - a little tame though since it is on BBC Kids channel over here.
Being a sports fan does assure us of two things - sleep deprivation (from watching matches at 2 am...or later) and stress (from worrying over the player/team performance). Most of the time it is well worth it though
I'm addicted to Robin Hood...it's really good in that way that Xena was you know?!?!