Lottery & the office relocation...

On lunch I went out to purchase a lottery ticket and, on a whim, decided to purchase a Pro-line ticket as well. I haven't played Pro-line in ages. Six soccer games - if all the teams win I get approx. $196. We'll see how that goes.

Only four more business days....today is my last Friday at this office. I have some mixed emotions concerning the office relocation. I love change. I love the idea of being in a new place for the new year with all new office furniture and even a new staff member to boot. But I keep getting sentimental about little things around the current building. I won't get to see the lilacs bloom outside my window next spring. Nor will I ever see the parking lot attendant who waves to me every day. It's going to take some getting used to. I do have good feelings about the new place though. Lots of greenery, an outdoor park/patio area for eating lunch, and even some shops within the office tower. Next Monday I'll be shopping for my new office furniture. I can't wait.
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Actually I'm moving to the same side of Eglinton as the Superstore...it's now on my way home. Can you say $$$$$$$?