It's over, its' over...yay....

The office is closed today. The server is down - no email, no telephones, no faxes. The movers will be transporting everything to the new location on Saturday and Sunday. I am so glad all that preparation and packing is over with. I think I've had more of a workout this week than I have all year. You have no idea what horror is until you realize there are over 50 boxes full of God knows what (mostly docs for shredding) in a locker that you must move physically down a flight of stairs as there is no elevator access.  I don't think I have ever had so many bruises. It was much worse for the boys - they had to deal with the heavy stuff!! Try moving a file cabinet down a flight of stairs sometime!? Cheryl has the only office key at the moment so we are at her mercy and can basically show up whenever we want on Monday. I have a new desk and office furniture (after seeing the carpet I went with the Maple rather than the Cherry wood - the Cherry was nicer but wouldn't have looked as nice in the new office, unfortunately!!!) which all has to be assembled. My computer is a no-go...the fan is not functioning so apparently I am either having that fixed or getting a brand new system. Needless to say, I'll be without furniture and without computer on Monday. I personally don't even think I should bother going in...except for the fact that I am enamoured by the new-ness of it all. You couldn't pay me to stay away. I'm certain the novelty will wear off in about a week or so. I'd love to go shopping for office plants now but seeing as we will close down for about a week and a half at Christmas time it is probably better off just to wait till the new year. Ah the joys of moving!

Note: I just came to the harsh realization that I still have to UNPACK everything now. *headdesk*

I checked out my new public transit route to work. I have several different options but I am going to try the King Streetcar to Broadview Station transferring to the Flemingdon Bus northbound. If the connections time properly, I think it may be faster than the old route. If not, I'll take the subway to Eglinton Station and the Flemingdon bus southbound which should take about the same time as the old route. I'll miss the 72...I loved the ride along the docklands past the film studios.  I WON'T miss the Don Mills bus one bit...no more crazy lady, no more Mormons, no more high school kids!! I'm certain the Flemingdon Bus will present a whole new set of loonies to annoy me though. *rolls eyes*

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Hopefully they'll fix the computer...I think you'll like the King to Broadview streetcar as it goes in the opposite direction to rush hour traffic thus eliminating the 'sardine in a can' effect that those of us who have to travel with the masses deal with on a daily basis.