Aussie Open, Lost, RM turnover, etc....

The Aussie Open draw is out. Rafa's lineup isn't THAT bad:
  • Possible 4th Round opponents: Gasquet, Hewitt (wow, has his ranking ever dropped!!!??) or Gonzalez (he's the biggest threat IMO - this is one of the few tournaments he actually does well at)
  • Possible QF opponents: Monflis, Almagro, Youzhny (EEEEK....Monfils *facepalm*)
  • Possible SF opponents: only one to worry about...Andy Murray (ok, I'm slightly worrying about Karlovic, Simon, Blake, Verdasco and Tsonga as well)
  • Possible Final opponents: durr, how about Feliciano Lopez...aww, come on, at least give him a chance...he would only have to defeat  Del Potro, Ferrer, Federer, and Djokovic or Roddick to get there. COMPLETELY DO-ABLE. O_O
I'm pretty happy with that draw. Hopefully two weeks from now I won't be regretting this post. On the women's side, thankfully there will not be a Williams sisters final. Shahar and Dinara are in the Ivanovic quarter, Marion is in the Jankovic quarter , Flavia is in the V. Williams quarter and Sharapova won't be there. Doesn't look too promising an event on the women's side for me. Ho-hum.

Ahh, the drama...today's Real Madrid RSS feed headline: "Ramón Calderón resigned as President ". WOW! I'd submit my resume but apparently they have already filled the post with Vincente Boluda who has been with the team for 10 years now. Hmmm, hiring from within...old boys' club. Geez, sounds just like hockey. *rolls eyes*

Thank you to ABC for airing last year's season finale of Lost, in enhanced (aka 'pop - up' mode)  in preparation for next week's season premiere. I really needed that refresher. I can' wait to find out what happened to Penny and Desmond on the boat. Tonight is the Friday Night LIghts season premiere - woohoo!!

I hate to end my post on a sad note but I just found out that  Ricardo Montalban had passed away. Aww, I really liked him. He was great on Fantasy Island and played arguably the best Star Trek villain ever. :-(

Have a great weekend y'all!! I'll get back to you after watching Real Madrid versus demolish Osasuna.
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airing last year's season finale of Lost, in enhanced (aka 'pop - up' mode)

OMGS it was so good to watch and be reminded what happened. I LOVE the pop-up stuff as it tells you so much you didn't know or had forgotten!

I'll get back to you after watching Real Madrid versus demolish Osasuna

They are a vicious team who play dirty. Don't like em! On a Real Madrid note...please tell me the rumours about C. Rinaldo are untrue and it was all a joke!
I pray every day that the Ronaldo rumours are not true. The best I can say is that if it happens it won't happen till the summer so enjoy the perfect team now while you can. Don't get me wrong, he's a great player but oh the 'tude. You know he is going to clash with someone (or several someones) on that team. In all truth, they don't need him. The team is 100% perfect right now (except for the fact that Ruud and Diarra are still injured - can you imagine what it would be like if they weren't!!!). If I were RM I'd forget about Christiano and concentrate on signing Iker and Sergio to looooong term contracts. They are way more valuable IMO.
The draw isnt easy, but hopefully Rafa will make it through. I wana see him at least in the final! I want him to beat Monfils & Murray. :D
Haha Feli in the final?! Ah come on!

I came from Dubai & saw the new of Calderon 'stepping down'. Wow! My Barca-fan-bro is teasing, says our president was a cheat... *rolls-eyes*

@ C.Ronaldo, eww eww! I also pray that he doesnt come to RM. I dont want him! He shall stay with his current club!
C. Ronaldo is gross. PERIOD. I am hoping that the rumours were all 'Calderon'-based and now that he is gone, those nasty rumours will be put to rest.