Models, Gago & Snow in the UK...

Oh niviene ...guess what's back for another season....Make Me a Supermodel. Here is a post re: the new cast of contenders. Now when will Tyra realize she needs to run a season exclusively featuring male models? Hopefully they can give us a quick update of what Casey and Perry are doing...together, preferably.

The Real Madrid RSS feeds have been quite interesting of late. I forgot to mention this bit from Gago's presser yesterday re: Gonza:

When will Higuain play for Argentina?

That's up to Maradona. Gonzalo is doing very well; he is a very good player, but there are many Argentinean strikers out there. Messi, Aguero, Julio Cruz... There are too many for such a crucial position. He has to wait for his chance.

Both of you seem to be great friends.
We are friends off the pitch. He helped me out in everything at first; when we travelled, in training sessions... I lived with the barest of necessities in Argentina. I will never forget what he did for me.
Gago, did I mention you are now walking on water after that last comment? *eyelash flutter*

LOL UK. I'm sorry I know I shouldn't mock you but seriously 3-4" of snow and you shut down 6,000 schools, your entire public transit system and issue warnings of a 'road safety crisis due to the potential accumulations of  up to 20 cm'.  Yes I know you do not have the ability to deal with a massive snowfall  but come on! 3-4", 20cm, this amount barely covers your shoes. Ditch the shoes, go out, buy some boots and enjoy the beautiful snow while it lasts.
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I was squeeing until I saw the male models...not exactly my boys Casey and Perry but Colin and Chris might be ok...pics are not the most flattering which doesn't bode well at the onset when persuing a modeling career but hopefully if we get to watch the show there may be some surprises there. I'm waiting until I see the goods! Love the 60's type outfit on Kerryn and the the hat on CJ...