Rafa in :-) Amauri + Higuain out :-(

Nice to see Rafa winning again, as always. He will have his hands full against Nalbandian though as I don't believe Rafa has ever been able to beat him. Hopefully that will change tonight. I don't think I'll be seeing any of the match as I'll be at Spring Awakening. I haven't been to the theatre in ages so it should be fun except for the fact that I'm completely exhausted and possibly getting a PMS headache...

It's been a rather awkward week when it comes to futbol. It started off well - both Juve and RM winning. Then came the news that MIA Amauri would be out for 30-35 days with a thigh injury. And then out of the RM camp today comes word that Higuain has a problem with his right quadriceps (no worries...I hope...I'm assuming he will be fine for Sunday).  Nonetheless, this would be one of those times I wish I had become a massage therapist. *ponders this*

Of note, I got my hair cut yesterday. It was starting to get too long and looked in need of a major trim. It's very sleek and shiny today and has that whole bouncy, Gago hair thing happening :-) I'm still debating whether or not to grow out the bangs. I like having something to partially cover my high forehead but it is kind of annoying to have to keep styling them all the time. quidquid
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Bangs they say, " makes a person (Girl) look younger".
That is so true. When I wear full bangs I swear I still look like a teenager (especially from far away)!
Rafa won against Nalby, but he struggled. I didn't see any of his matches, wrong timings for me :s I didn't know Gonzalo is injured, hope he's fit for our next game. @ haircut: my hair needs trimming n I want short bangs. I know that with short bangs you always have to style them, I do that for the first few weeks, then just raise them with my hair n stick a pin or headband :P
I didn't see Rafa's match either. Our time wasn't much better here - I would have had to stay up till 2 AM on a work night to see the whole thing live (and even then only via internet since there was no live tv coverage here) I heard it was quite amazing though - he saved 5 match points and then took the third set in a dramatic 6-0 victory :-) Hopefully Del Potro will not be as difficult but he has been playing quite well lately and I expect Rafa will have a challenge before he faces Djok or Roddick in the Semi. Didn't he beat both of them two years ago in this same event?

Higuain still missed the full team practice today (he was indoors - the rest of the team except Drenthe were outdoors) so I'm actually starting to get a little worried now. I wish they'd be a little more forthcoming about whatever is wrong with him. It is still rather vague at this point. They haven't said he would miss the game this weekend so I'm assuming it's not that bad.

Bangs are fine if you don't have to style them too much but you are correct - thankfully you can always just stick them back with pins or headbands if they get too long or too annoying.