2017 - Year of the Rooster, for snakes...

"People born in the Year of Snake have favorable fortune in 2017, especially for their career. Besides their brilliant talents and assiduous efforts, the lucky stars will also promote some big developments. Although the income will increase, they still need to make a detailed plan for all expenses. Abundant wealth will be accumulated due to their economical life. Meanwhile, they will gain sweet love and stable marriage life in 2017. For married people, sweet and harmonious love life needs more patience and respect. However, health condition needs to be paid much attention to."

Two things I learned today...apparently I am not just any old 'snake', I am a Green Wood Snake, to be precise (more on that below)...AND, like Queen Elizabeth I, I am both a 'Snake' and a 'Virgo'. Sweet!
Under the influence of the Wood Element, the Wood Snake becomes the most cooperative and creative of the Snake types. The Wood Snake has the special ability to see in a perspective beyond their personal gain, which it pairs nicely with an innovative spirit. The Wood Snake may also be the most socially apt of the Snake signs with their warm and kind personality. While most members of the Snake sign are focused on achieving positions of power, the Wood Snake displays a greater concern for humanity and the well being of others. The Wood Snakes uses this interest to pursue meaningful interest, where they can use their public speaking ability to win over others. The creative side of the Wood Snake often manifests in an appreciation for the arts, which may explain why the Wood Snake is the most inclined to surround themselves with the "finer things" in life.

With humanitarian interests and innate creativity, there are a variety of career paths for the Wood Snake to explore. By embracing their need to help others, the Wood Snake can do well in politics, law or as an advocate for the non-profit sector. Similarly, the Wood Snake can take their skills for understanding into law enforcement or psychiatry. Those born under the Wood Snake sign have been known to use their creative skills to capture large fan bases.
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FYI - Cesare Borgia - also a Virgo...and a Green Wood...goat...(oh well, almost the same...can't say as I didn't try...)

Ludwig II is also a double match with me - Virgo and a Green Wood snake. Yep, that's us - the crazy Wagnerian, legend-loving and hermetically-holed-up-in-fantastical-castle dwelling lunatics that we are.