New Yoga routine???

ONE Network has started broadcasting a new yoga series at 7 AM. YEAH!! I must check it out this week. Two years ago they were airing Yoga Zone in that time slot and it was perfect for me – I would get up at 6:30 AM, get ready, do the workout and then get dressed and leave for work. I had followed that routine religiously for about 2-3 months until they rescheduled their morning shows and started airing the series at 6 AM which was way too early for me. Then they flat out took the show off the air and replaced it with Flow Yoga which IMO sucks. Living Yoga is not bad but a little too slow for me (good for the end of the day though) and Flow Yoga is too active to do at that time of the day. Yoga Zone was perfect. Hopefully the new show, Breathing Space Yoga, is decent so I can resume a yoga routine before leaving for work. Of course I could always just use my taped episodes of Yoga Zone. I’m just so lazy. If they were on dvd it would be so much easier. Nonetheless, I plan on getting back into the ‘yoga before work’ routine again before the fall transfer season of stress begins.

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