Movies and more movies...

I woke up at 6 AM this morning just to watch The Great Gatsby. I don’t know why I’m so fascinated by that story. It is one of the few American novels I actually enjoy. I must pick up a copy of the book if I can find it in a used book store. I haven’t read it since I was a teenager. I couldn’t help but think while watching the film how much Robert Redford reminded me of Brad Pitt – or specifically, how Brad Pitt would portray Jay Gatsby.  It would be a great role for Brad if they ever decided to remake it (again).

Rome Season II was released on DVD today. I already have all the episodes on DVD so I’m in no rush to buy the collection and, considering it is priced at approx. $60-75 I don’t foresee me being able to purchase it anytime soon. There are four featurettes included on collection:  

  • "A Tale of Two Romes" (20:30) – covers the history of Rome
  • "The Making of Rome, Season II" (22:52) – behind-the-scenes re: show production
  • "The Rise of Octavian: Rome's First Emperor" (20:44) – historical context of Octavian/Augustus
  • "Antony and Cleopatra" (14:48) – historical context of the famous couple

The resident historian provides commentary on all episodes which, I believe, he also did for the first season DVDs. I see that James Purefoy provides commentary for Episode 9 (the Antony & Cleo episode) so that should be rather, umm, enlightening.

Current release movies I have yet to see: Becoming Jane, The Bourne Ultimatum. *pouts* I blame

niviene’s Spanish exam for the lack of cinema time. Next week Stardust will be released. Hopefully I will get to see at least that movie, if not all three, during their cinematic releases.

BTW, have you noticed that Jane Austen is everywhere??? Sense & Sensibility has been on TV every week for the past three weeks now. Becoming Jane came out this weekend. I just saw an ad for the movie version of The Jane Austen Book Club (note to self: add to book wishlist!). Masterpiece Theatre will be airing all the Jane Austen adaptations in 2008. Clearly, the Regency Period is making a comeback and I am all for it. *dusts off copy of Emma*

Note to self: it’s been a week and I still haven’t rented the 300 DVD. Why am I avoiding this movie??? My first guess is the fact that I am fearful of seeing Gerard Butler as King Leonidas even though he is probably one of the few I would buy in the role. Truthfully I guess I just don’t want to see anyone make a travesty of such a momentous event. Please tell me I have nothing to fear. *is worried*

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The cheapest I've seen Rome II was in a Best Buy ad for ~$50...though that's still pretty expensive. Their edition comes with a "Rome"-ified cork stopper (while supplies last! *rolls eyes*).

I've kind of been avoiding the 300 movie as well, so don't feel so bad. It doesn't help that everyone I know who has seen it has a different opinion of it. I suppose if I see it before you, I'll let you know how good/bad it was.
Thanks for the Best Buy info - I never check them out for DVDs but that is an excellent idea. I'll probably wait to pick up the Rome DVDs in October when I have a bit more spending money. As for 300, I hope to watch it within the next two weeks as there is virtually nothing else of interest on tv these days. I was actually reduced to watching Big Brother last night. *groans* It was beyond painful.
No problem. Since I work at a Walmart, I have to be aware of the prices between stores. Seems it has its personal advantages occassionally.

Heh, I don't care for Big Brother either, so I can imagine it was a painful experience. With House and Supernatural between seasons, I also haven't seen much of interest on TV. However, there is a recent show called Burn Notice that looks fun, but I keep forgeting to watch every week.
Current release movies I have yet to see: Becoming Jane, The Bourne Ultimatum. *pouts* I blame niviene’s Spanish exam for the lack of cinema time.

Hey the exam is over now so " nosotros vamos al cine!" YA and I'm really intrigued by that Last Legion movie it looks so good!!
OMG...The Last Legion. *fangirl squee* With Colin Firth, Rupert Friend (aka Mr. Wickham, aka the hot gu, from Pride & Prejudice), Aishwarya Rai, Keven 'Lucius Vorenus' McKidd, John Hannah and Thomas Sangster (aka adorable little guy from Love Actually)!!!! First Max as Augustus, the first Roman Emperor, and now Thomas as Romulus Augustus, the last Roman Emperor. They are both just so squishy cute!! Almost makes me wish I had a son not really.