It all started with Swan Lake...

From now on I am going to tell everyone I used to be a ballet dancer. This morning when I went grocery shopping I wore my National Ballet of Canada tank top and two people stopped me to ask if I was with the ballet. /:-) This is not the first time that has happened either. So from now on, in case anyone wants to know, I was once a prima ballerina.  Heck, I think I may even throw that one into the resume!!

Rogers Cupdate - well after the dreadful yawner of matches yesterday, finally we got to witness some first rate tennis action. Oh Rafa Rafa. I have no words. That match was beyond brilliant - possibly your best of the year (well next to Wimbledon and the French Open...). 2 hrs 42 minutes to come from behind and win in three sets. You deserve an extra long hot shower and a good massage from your physio....don't go there...*GETS MIND OUT OF GUTTER*. Oh wait, you still have to play a doubles match. Poor kid!! Go get some rest. Good luck against Verdasco and/or Dancevic tomorrow. Tonight Roddick vs Baghdatis...should be fun. It appears Rafa's current doubles partner, Lleyton Hewitt, is on the verge of defeating Hrbaty thus moving him into the QFs to face Federer. How much do you want to bet Lleyton will be asking Rafa for advice not that Rafa can understand a word Lleyton is saying with that Aussie accent of his on how best to defeat Rogelio??? *snicker*  I'm cheering for a Rafa vs Lleyton final and a Rafa + Lleyton in the doubles final!!!  *dreams on*
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I seem to remember that once upon a time you used to actually dance the ballet so I think that you qualify even if it wasn't specifically for the National Ballet of Canada...
dance the ballet

"Dance the ballet"...omg, that is such a Rafa-ism. "My girlfriend...she dance the ballet, no?" *LOL*
Lady C, you could soooo pass for a ballerina! Play it up - try wearing one of those ballet-style wrap sweaters, maybe a flowy skirt. You could even wear your hair in a bun if you wanted. Tell people how exhausted you are after spending all the night before being a dying swan.

BTW, guys love dancers.