Lazy days of summer...

I discovered the rooftop garden of my apartment building today. It is nothing special except that it provides a lovely view of the lake and the city. Problem is I spent a little too long in the sun while I was up there and now I have a little sunburn. It should turn into a nice tan tomorrow though if that is any consolation. I must go back there...at twilight.

TSN is being somewhat ridiculous today in their Rogers Cup scheduling. Rafa's match (vs the lone Canadian player) is taking place right now and I am forced to watch it on Star Sports via the internet. TSN, the host national network, has chose to cover the CFL. Alternate TSN feed is not showing the match live since regular TSN feed will air the match time delay at 1:30 AM. Yep, that's their logic. DUH! Anyone who wants to watch this match will know the results well before TSN airs it . Combine that fact with all the sports highlights that are available on the 11 PM news and no one will need or care to watch the tape delay of the match at 1:30 AM. Ho hum...*blatantly disregards score after first set*  *mutes volume*  Well either way, whatever happens tonight, Rafa picks up at least 90 points on Federer in the ATP standings. Plus, and this is an interesting statistic, Rafa has finished no less that the QFs in every single tournament he has participated in this year (except for the ones he was forced to withdraw from due to injury). Vamos Rafa!!

EDIT: 2hrs 7 mins later, another come from behind victory..9 ACES..23/23 on 1st serve % in the 3rd set. The boy never ceases to amaze. And that means at least 190 more points in the standings...OMG...tomorrow Rafa vs Novak in the SF. mmmmmmmmm. Vamos!!

I have started using the Tresemme hair care line for volume and it is absolutely fantastic. I have the shampoo, conditioner, mousse and hairspray. Yes....hairspray. I really hate using that stuff but this particular brand's smells amazing and works rather well without being too stiff or sticky even if you apply too much I can't find the root lifter gel anywhere though. The real test will be to see how my hair holds up when I return back to work on Monday. URGH...back to work....*shudders*
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