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Dang!! It was freezing this morning. I loathe the end of summer. Fortunately I see that the forecast for the remainder of the week will place us back in the high 20s. Good to hear because I am not ready to retire my sandals just yet. Speaking of which, I really need some new shoes. I can't wait for that three paycheck month!!!

I went to see Becoming Jane this weekend. It was lovely - exactly as I expected. Typical regency period piece. Can't say I love James McAvoy though. He just didn't seem right in his part (I didn't particularly like him as Mr. Tumnus either). One down...three movies to go. Rumour has it, The Bourne Ulimatum will be next up on Tuesday night.

Happily I am over halfway through the Mary, Queen of Scots novel. It is enjoyable but honestly I just want to get back to the historical bible fiction genre that I am so missing. Templars = archaeological porn!!

*avoids recognition of the fact that Federer won the Cinci Masters and gained a zillion points on Nadal this weekend*
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I know what you mean about not wanting to give up sandals. I had a moment's confusion the other day when putting away my just-washed laundry. Where were all my socks? Then I realized - they were never in my laundry basket, since they're clean in put away, because I haven't worn them in weeks and weeks....