I have some $$$ for the CNE now..kind of. I had sent off my monthly payment to Victoria's Secret but the cheque was just returned to me because I missed filling in one section  - an honest Freudian slip mistake. YAY!! So I will call VS, explain to them why the payment will be late, and then, since the payment will not be processed for at least another week, I will have received another paycheque by that time - hence, extra money when I most need it. Woo hoo!!!
I love Victoria's Secret. Just got the latest catalogue today, filled with cozy fall stuff, plus shoes, makeup, handbags and, oh yeah, lingerie. Can't wait until I can start shopping there.
Some of their stuff is nice but a lot of it is really cheap and flimsy (and not worth the price they charge). I do like their swimwear, tank tops and yoga gear though.