Yes I have a life...

Bloody transfers. Seriously, hockey transfers were created by evil nasty individuals who want purely to torture me. I am caught up for now but they are making me physically and mentally exhausted. When I get home I just crash. I have no energy whatsoever. It's a miracle I am not sick. Each year it gets worse. For the most part I love my job...it really isn't that difficult and for the majority of the year I do not have an extensive workload. Those nine or so months of leisure make these three months of anguish somewhat survivable. This year however, these transfers are driving me insane. I am completely missing the film festival. I barely got through the US Open. Why does it have to happen in September?


Now that I have a kernel of time to post, a quick summary of the past week of my life.

US Open: I can't believe I am going to say this but I am soooooo happy Federer won. Djokovic was getting quite the ego and needed to be knocked down a peg or two. It was already bad enough stressing over Rafa's point race in his attempt to get number one (impossible now for 2007 *pouts*) - now it looks like I have to worry more about Djokovic taking over the number two position. :-(  I have faith in the little one. I'm certain he'll play well enough in the Madrid and Paris Masters to maintain his number two ranking for the year. Hopefully Rafa will be able to rest well and start off the year with a successful campaign in Australia. The 2007 US Open itself provided some great tennis in the first week and dropped in calibre, IMO, in the second week. Both these past two US Opens have been somewhat disappointing for me as a Rafa fan-  I have had to watch Rafa really suffer out on those courts, last year in his QF loss against Youzhny and this year with his various injuries. This tourney always seems to get the better of him. It is the only tournament where he doesn't seem happy to be playing tennis, where he seems somewhat defeated, and I really hate watching him like that. It's heartbreaking.

September Board/Committee Meetings & Movies:
as if the transfers weren't enough, I had to sit through a Finance Committee meeting this weekend. The meeting took all of 50 minutes. Because of the Gardner Expressway being closed this weekend, it took me 1 hour and 5 minutes to get to that meeting. Complete waste of my time. To top it off, the lunch I had at the hotel made me physically sick and triggered the worst migraine I have had in as long as I remember. After the meeting was over, I went straight home and to bed. URGH. At least I didn't have to attend Junior Council. Needless to say, I wasn't exactly capable of triapsing over to RTH for the Elizabeth gala premiere. Figures. BTW, whenever I see that trailer I just get shivers. I haven't been this excited about a movie since Troy. Also can't wait to see Across the Universe - it looks like a cross between Garden State and Hair. ATU opens this weekend but has its premiere at TIFF (tonight, I think). The last movie I watched was John Tucker Must Die which had its moments of humour, the funniest joke making reference to the Swiss and them being "neutered"...needless to say what that made me think of....*eyes Mirka*

Books: Mary, Queen of Scots - is finished and has been for quite some time now. Accordingly, I have moved on to I, Elizabeth in preparation for watching The Golden Age. Of course, I haven't been faring too well as I have been too exhausted to read it. The five or so pages I've managed to get through have been great. *sighs*

Fitness: Oh you have got to be joking...time to workout?? Hahahahahaha. It has been almost three weeks since I have had an opportunity to get to the gym. I need to make more time. I did some yoga yesterday and this morning and would like to be able to take a break during the workday to complete a 20 minute yoga session before lunch but something always comes up at work to put me behind and incapable of taking a break. Today it was the staff meeting. I'll try again tomorrow but I'm not holding my breath. At least I have some new wristbands, courtesy of niviene, should I ever have the opportunity to workout again. Thank you for the gift as they are muchly appreciated.

TV: WTF??? Josh is no longer going to be hosting Digging for the Truth. So much for that show. And Stefano was killed off of DOOL. OMG!! Can it be true??? *is dubious*

Well now that I have taken 20 minutes out of my workday to post I suppose I just set myself back a couple of hours in transfer processing so I guess I best be going. I'll post again...sometime...hopefully soon.
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Thank you for the gift as they are muchly appreciated

Hey you needed something to remember this year's US Open by...I'm glad you liked them!

TV: WTF??? Josh is no longer going to be hosting Digging for the Truth. So much for that show.

Don't go there...I'm seeing RED already!

And Stefano was killed off of DOOL. OMG!! Can it be true??? *is dubious*

I seem to remember when we stopped watching the show many years ago he was dead...we start watching it again and he's alive but now dead...hmmm I detect a pattern here...I guess if we quit watching it again then turn it back on in a few years he'll be resurrected...*rolls eyes* So there's hope for the Dimera (sp?) family...
So there's hope for the Dimera (sp?) family...

This warrants a one word reply...actually, only two letters are necessary...
(just so long as he is not attempting an Italian accent...*rolls eyes*)