The Beatles & Maecenas...

Maybe it is because I am so excited by the prospect of watching Across the Universe this weekend, I just can't stop listening to the Beatles. I do enjoy their music but they aren't my faves. In the scope of rock history, I  prefer the Doors or the Rolling Stones or even U2 and Bon Jovi. But I have to admit some of their songs are just mesmerizing. It will be interesting to see/hear them as they are integrated into the soundtrack of this film. I still am impressed that Julie Taymor even got the rights to use them in her film. Well I suppose nothing is sacred, right?

Is it just me or is James McAvoy showing up everywhere. Of course he is physically here in Toronto for TIFF...isn't everyone though? He is also currently starring in Becoming Jane and will be in the much discussed and highly promoted upcoming feature Atonement. With that in mind, last night niviene and I rented Starter for 10, a Britcom from HBO that, surprise, surprise, starred a young James McAvoy. Geez, I can't get rid of this guy if I tried. I shouldn't complain though...the Scottish accent is to die for even if he isn't exactly my type.

Really off topic Classical Studies thought for the day: For some reason I was thinking about Octavian while on the bus this morning and came to the conclusion that Rome was probably accurate in regards to the relationship between Octavian/Agrippa/Maecenas. Octavian was definitely friends, actually best friends, with Agrippa and Maecenas. But if you think about it, he relied more on Agrippa for matters of the state whereas he would more than likely turn to Maecenas in regards to popular opinion and social and cultural thought. He did, of course, have Maecenas' help in crafting his political persona through artistic expression. I am not trying to label Agrippa purely as a general, a military man, but I just see the relationship between Octavian and Agrippa as more business like than people choose to realize, even obligatory at times, whereas with Maecenas, the relationship existed for numerous reasons none the least of which was a mutual respect and attraction (don't go there....). I think Maecenas had a lot more influence on Octavian and Octavian's actions than people give him credit for. Just something to think about as Octavian's birthday quickly approaches.
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For some reason I was thinking about Octavian while on the bus this morning

For the 26 years that I've known you I've never seen you think for "some" reason...it's for a particular reason...and ya it's becasue you mentioned him last night although I can't remember why...

:D (I'm leaving to meet you in 1 minute)
I don't remember talking about him other than the ongoing discussions of the impending Colin Firth/Hugh Grant ghost whisperer film. LMAO