Juliet daydreams

Biding my time...

Work these days has been a whole lot of torture mixed in with some oh-so-tantalizing few blessed moments of utter peace. Those precious moments remind me that I can survive this evil that is transfer season. Once it is over, it will be  nine months of relaxation yet again. Hopefully soon *prays*

In Esplanade development news, the glass entrance doors have been installed on the future Sobey's across the street from my condo. That has to be a good sign - they can't be that far off from an opening date, right?  even though it looks like they still have a whole lot of work left to do *is skeptic*

I went to the bookstore in Eglinton Station today and, much to my joy, discovered a few books that have been longstanding must-haves on my wishlist (as an fyi, there are about 115 books on that list - don't ask!!!). Bonus: the books were priced at half the retail publisher's price. They are sitting on my soon-to-read shelf but are not granted top priority. Next week's must have release, Pilate's Wife, is the novel that I shall be devoting myself to the minute I have it in my greedy little palms. That leaves me in a bit of limbo until then. I just finished the Elizabeth I novel. Hmmmm, I suppose some Borgia refreshers are in order. And speaking of the Borgias, History Bites finally re-aired the (Os)Borgia "Pope of f**king darkness" episode which I have now successfully added to the permanent DVD collection. *LOL* Luv you, Chez.
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