Oh Rafa, Rafa....therefore, thou art...


That was the sound I made upon hitting the floor, after falling off my chair....for obvious reasons.

At last...he has finally resurfaced, somewhere on the sidelines, in preparation for  next week's Madrid Masters. Clearly the fact that this is the tourney that utilizes professional models to function as ballgirls has not affected or influenced his grooming regime or lack thereof. Perhaps Feli can loan him a brush and some conditioner. Yay...I love this event. I enjoy watching Rafa try his darnedest to avoid making any contact whatsoever with the models/ballgirls. Roger has even been known to openly grimace and roll his eyes at the models who clearly have no concept of the game of tennis nor the tasks they are actually hired to perform. I bet Nole will have a great time though. Hopefully he'll be distracted enough to forget that he is less than 1000 points away taking over the number two spot.
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