Why bother...

The Madrid Semis: Djokovic/Nalbandian....Federer/Kiefer...*rolls eyes*...And the tennis world yawns...

Best news of the day: The future Sobey's across the street is scheduled to open in less than a month on November 16th.

I need a pedicure. I used to have soft, smooth feet. My toes are still gorgeous - I could care less about the nail polish portion of the pedicure. I just want my heels back. Maybe I'll soak them for a while and slough off the rough, dry skin. That should work, right?

I completed my read of the novel about Claudia Procula and, am sorry to say, it was disappointing. It wasn't bad, per se. I just expected so much from it and was basically let down. Such a rich period of history to work with. It's a shame, really. It didn't help that the author's view of the Julio-Claudians was, well, not exactly flattering. I guess there needed to be a bad guy and, unfortunately, the JCs were the default losers. I was hoping for more of that  negativity to be placed upon the Sanhedrin but alas, twas not to be. And poor Pontius...he didn't really have much of a part, considering the novel was about his wife. Too many cliches - e.g. why did Miriam have to be a prostitute??? NO MENTION OF JUDAS!!! WTF???  There were a few, brief shining moments of brilliance - e.g. the friendship with Apicata (Sejanus' wife), the infamous seven veil moment with Herodias and Salome, meeting Yeshua at the Isenum (I actually cried reading that part), the audacity of Agrippina the Elder) but just not enough to satisfy me. Next up: good question. I have a ton of books in my 'to read' pile. I'm just not sure which one will strike my fancy.
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All hail the great SOBEY'S...can't wait until Nov!

Soak your feet and they'll be fine...you have the softest feet skin of anyone I know...