Imperial Dreams...

I had a dream about Tiberius last night. That was kind of odd. He's not anyone I ever think about that much. Anyhow, in the dream, he was in his 40s or so, and was touring me around his villa in Capri. He was very kind and not at all like the way I imagined Tiberius. I actually felt sorry for him - he seemed so sad and lonely. He was quite handsome in my dream - probably more like the way I imagine Julius Caesar would have looked, only better.  He kept asking me my opinion on everything from simple details like what food and wine are best served together, who is the best chef in Rome, what mosaic to line his courtyard area with, etc., to the more intricate matters of state such as potential heirs, if Sejanus was doing a good job, punishment for slaves, etc. There were a lot of other bodies scurrying around us attempting to get out of our way wherever we were walking. And basically we just kept walking, talking, pausing and viewing various sites.This was definitely not the Tiberius you would read about in Seutonius or Cassius Dio. I kind of wished I could go back again.
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