The latest....(all good, for a change)

Only good news to report here!!

The weekend went well. Although the cleaning of the apartment was arduous, the little get together on Saturday went well and it was a pleasure as always to see everyone. I just wish I had a day off to recover from everything (and an extra day to type up meeting notes) - que sera sera.

There is an old movie that has been on my Amazon wishlist for about four or five years entitled Anne of a Thousand Days, which is, as you may have guessed, about the reign of Anne Boleyn. The movie had previously only been available on VHS and, in fact, had been discontinued. I've never seen the movie and have been waiting patiently to get my hands on a copy. Late September it was finally re-issued on to DVD and, to my great joy, had been combined in a dual disc DVD with another movie = a two-for-one deal. Guess what the other movie is?? Mary, Queen of Scots. OMG - fate, fate, fate. I really can't get away from that woman. I will be purchasing the DVD as soon as humanly possible.

I received the latest copy of Entertainment Weekly which contained a spiffy review of the new upcoming season of Nip/Tuck. OMGSQUEE!!! Sean & Christian are now based Hollyweird (it's about time!!). Little to no appearances by Julia (yay). Sean gets a part on a plastic-surgery hospital drama and suddenly becomes the "it" boy with Christian trailing behind (and, no doubt, being rather snarky about it) in Sean's glory.  I can't wait - it sounds brilliant!!! As for other TV series - loving Moonlight and Journeyman. I am begging the producers of Heroes to get Hiro out of ancient Japan and, even more importantly, give Sylar an actual part this year. WTF?? Still, there are elements of brilliant in that show...I just wish they could get it into gear 'cause it seems to be going nowhere right now. The Tudors...if I am correct, tonight is episode five (aka CharlesBrandonhaslotsofsexandwillthereforebeverynekkid...) so it should be a relatively decent evening *cough**cough*.

The Paris Masters is up and running. Feliciano already lost  before I was even able to find the tournament livestream on internet. At least he'll have plenty of time to go shopping  (or, better yet, actually prepare for his Doubles match!!!). Rafa has received what I would deem to be the easiest draw he has faced all year. Here's hoping he can make the finals. Roger has already secured his #1 standing for this year so hopefully Rafa can firm up his #2 spot as well.

I did have a rather bizarre dream two nights ago...
I was in a photoshoot similar to those Vanity Fair covers where they feature a group of about 8-10 of the most popular current actors/actresses. We were featured as goddesses/nymphs in a setting not unlike Botticelli's Primavera. I was later informed in the shoot that I was, basically, a last-minute replacement for  Scarlett Johanson. o_O. Anyhow, also in the photo were (from R to L)
1. Angelina Jolie - who was covered in dark paint and sat in profile under a tree. Apparently she was not to be bothered as we were told to not speak to her nor were we expected to have her speak to us at any time
2. Naomi Watts - also under the tree, in a sort of Eve-ish pose with an apple. Naomi was kind of spaced out during the shoot (read: DRUNK)
3. Natalie Portman - sitting crossed legged in front of the tree, with her knees tucked up in front her under her chin and her arms around her legs - sort of looking like a woodland spirit. She was quiet and pleasant and nodded to me when I arrived
4. Nicole Kidman - in a turquoise blue gown and her strawberry blonde hair similar to the way she wore it in Practical Magic. She was overtly friendly to everyone. When I showed up on the set she immediately said hi and asked me if niviene was here. Since niviene was not with me, Nicole asked me how she was and insisted I said 'hi' to her. Then she promptly turned to Naomi and asked her for some orange flavoured Tic Tacs (yes, I know, VERY WEIRD!!!!)
5. Keira Knightley - who was beside me in the photo and was, I believe, supposed to be the alternate version of me - she was a goddess of light while I was a goddess of darkness. Anyhow, apparently we were, ahem, 'very good friends' as she was consistently leaning over beside me and whispering in my ear as well as stroking my upper arm... (Note to sub-conscious: for future reference, if you are ever going to make me dream about an actress seducing me, please, make it either Emilie DeRavin or Sophia Myles....)
6. Gwyneth Paltrow - was some type of bohemian nature goddess with her hair in braids with flowers entwined. I don't recall her doing anything unusual in my dream...basically just standing around and doing nothing.
7. Reese Witherspoon...I can't remember how she looked other than her rushing onto the set, assuming she was late, and telling everyone with her all-too-cheery southern drawl, not to worry that she was here now and she was sorry for holding everything up. Everyone kind of grimaced and groaned at her arrival....she was a little too saccharine sweet to handle.
8. Rachel McAdams - who arrived even later than Reese, and showed up kind of tired and unkept, with jeans and a wrinkly t-shirt, dark hair and glasses. She was complaining about her boyfriend and was perpetually begging the crew for a cup of coffee.
That is pretty much all I can remember of the dream and truthfully doesn't reflect the way I actually view these women. I do like most of them. I could care less about some of them. And, for the most part,  I don't consider any of them to be divas (especially not RM).  I guess it was just a silly little dream. quidquid
It's cool how your avatar has hair that looks like your hair did on Sat. Loved the colour and style.
I wish my hair looked that great...but that is basically why I chose the icon. I loved the hair. Thanks
Nicole Kidman - in a turquoise blue gown and her strawberry blonde hair similar to the way she wore it in Practical Magic. She was overtly friendly to everyone. When I showed up on the set she immediately said hi and asked me if niviene was here. Since niviene was not with me, Nicole asked me how she was and insisted I said 'hi' to her.

Ummm...ya Nik and I are great friends...and I always have orange tic tacs so I think I'll send her some ROFL

At least your dreams are semi normal...last night I dreamed of fighting a demon or devil and was drawing a pentagram on the floor of the bedroom to keep it out and a pentagram around the house to protect everyone in it. The demon/devil decided to splatter blood on the wall..it was small amount and I kept yelling to him or rather into the air that he was never going to get in there. Just like that dream a few nights ago with the changeling kid that was pretending to be an archangel Rafael...or the one about the two brothers where the one brother decided to cut out the mens tongues, poison the women and send the some to the radiation planet all in a bid for power and control and he was going to kill the pretty mermaids...so ya....can I have normal dreams like you for once please...pretty please. *shrugs*

As for your dreams, let's take a look at what you normally watch:

Monday - Stargate: Atlantis, Heroes and Journeyman
Tuesday - Blood Ties
Wednesday - Bionic Woman
Thursday - Supernatural
Friday - Ghost Whisperer, Moonlight, Celebrity Paranormal Project
Saturday and Sunday - repeats of Blood Ties and the occasional 'haunting' shows on the ONE network or TLC or whatever channel airs them...

Gee, do you think maybe possibly some of these shows are influencing the content of your dreams???
Gee, do you think maybe possibly some of these shows are influencing the content of your dreams???

LOL probably...last night I watched Dead Famous where they were looking for Lucille Ball but fell asleep during the final 15 minutes...what when the guy usually does his trance shtick...I did dream that Father Bob drove me to this small town that was very fundamentalist in terms of Christianity and I had to be careful about what I said all the time...I remember the local candy store had this little crystal ball machine that you stick a quarter into and it tells your future...it was over flowing where you put the money and so had to dig some quarters out to put mine in. I never heard what it said because the shop owner started talking to me....there was other stuff but not that consequential...not sure if this has anything to do with DF but I see a pattern emerging here...
So take the Spock icon - just make sure to credit the creator. I have a couple of Spock icons but I'll still keep that one though cause it is so cool.