Juliet daydreams

Just when you least expect it...

This morning....

Took the 7:45ish Parliament bus. Arrived at Castle Frank at around 8:04. Took the subway to Pape. Got off the Pape subway and there he was, about two cars ahead of me. I had to run to catch up to him. I didn't realize it was him at first - I just thought he was some hot guy with nice hair and beard. When I got closer I realized it was HIM. He is so tall. He really has to be about 6'2" - I'm a complete dwarf next to him. He was wearing a new brown leather jacket, loose jeans and black boots (the normal). He had a new knapsack. No coffee today but coffee thermos was tucked in knapsack. He sat next to MY usual seat where I would normally be sitting but since I had to run to make the bus, my seat was already taken so I wasn't able to sit next him. I wouldn't have anyways, even if I had a chance. I did sit in the first row of elevated seats behind him diagonally so I could of course torment myself by watching him the entire bus ride. He took off his jacket to reveal the long sleeved v-neck brown sweater which totally complimented the highlights in his hair. His hair is even shorter than I remember - still long layers but just barely covering his ears now. The highlights..and yes those are hairstylist applied or by God he has the most perfect natural highlights I have ever seen...are a gorgeous caramel colour occasionally hinting red when just the right light hits them.  He was reading, naturally. When he pulled out his mass market paperback I thought I recognized the cover but wasn't sure so I had to wait until he turned the book around to confirm my suspicions. He was reading "Angels and Demons"...and he just started it. It was almost a little disappointing that he was reading (a) a common novel that everyone has read and (b) that he was reading it now so long after everyone has already read it. Of course, based on the content of the novel, the fact that I do love that novel and the fact that he pretty much can do no wrong in my eyes, I won't complain. He hasn't changed much since I last saw him but he is definitely more well groomed than I remember. He used to have that borderline homeless look - now he just looks like a generic guy - well groomed but not metrosexually perfect.

Since I was basically the only one scheduled to arrive at work today prior to 10 AM, there was no reason for me to show up on time so I decided to confirm my suspicions in regards to his workplace. Since I knew he was an engineer, I speculated he worked at Celestica and would get off the stop after me. I decided to stay on for that extra stop and see if he would also be getting off  there. He did. But much to my surprise, he didn't cross the street to go to Celestica. I decided I would go to the Loblaws superstore as I did want to check out the prices and the various items available. Alas, he was going that way as well. My instincts were telling me that he too was going to the Loblaws - perhaps to pick up something before work, and then he would, in fact, be going back to Celestica. But no...I went into the Superstore and he just continued onwards. Based on the area, the bus he takes and the direction he was walking, he must work in or around the office buildings where my doctor and my gynecologist's offices are. Did I mention he didn't put his jacket on when he got off the bus. No...he decided further torment was necessary. Under that brown sweater was a grey t-shirt which had to be re-tucked into the jeans.  In accomplishing this simple task, he had to expose just that part of the body that makes me melt...the lower back. It was a most exquisite and enjoyable moment watching him haphazardly complete this task as he walked ahead of me onwards to his final destination. It took all my reserve to continue standing, let alone manage to walk, as he drifted off into the distance.

Hmmm. Really don't know what else to say. I don't know why I obsess over this man. Yes he does have that whole Biblical hotness thing going for him but he isn't really that handsome nor do I really know anything about him. He just is. And that's that. I thought I'd never see him again but he's back and it appears he will continue to torment me in the future. Whether I want him to or not is another question.
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It would be so much easier if you struck up a conversation with him on the book du jour or accidentally bump into him and slip your number into his pocket...you're talented I know you can find a way to do that! Think TOO WONG FOO LOL!

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