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A week of the calm...hopefully...

I'm loving the new novel. It's not one of those cliche set in modern times researching ancient times/time slip novels. It is actually set in the 11th century, right at the start of the Crusades. I'm about 120 pages in - the novel is about 750 pages long. I expect to have it finished by the end of next weekend as I'll have plenty of time to read it at the hotel on Friday night. Alas, yes, it is one of those dreaded Board Meeting weekends - and our Christmas party on Saturday night as well. Can't wait till that's over with. Fortunately, I scrambled at work on Friday and completed most of my major tasks. There is not a whole lot to do next week except preparing Committee packages, issuing cheques,  figuring out how much $$ to deposit into GICs and, of course, transfers/appeals. But still, compared to normal, this should be a slow week...God willing. Shanghai Masters is on but with the time difference it is virtually impossible to watch anything live. I have to rely on TSN and well, we all know what that means. *cough* *crap coverage* *cough*. Rafa won his first round robin match against Gasquet (dang, I would have loved to have seen that one!!!). Djokovic lost his. Rafa's next opponent is Ferrer who is looking more and more like a rock star every day with that hair of his. I can't believe this is the last tournament of the year. The season just flew by!!
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can't believe this is the last tournament of the year. The season just flew by!!

It seems as if there wasn't much tennis on at all in the later half of the season...Canada needs a Tennis Channel NOW!

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A Tennis Canada??? In my fondest dreams. Then again, if they can have a 24 hour fishing channel *rolls eyes*, I can't see why not.