The Latest Dream...

I had a rather odd dream last night. I was on my way to meet my *cough* friend *cough* Zachary Quinto (=Sylar on Heroes, for the uneducated out there) who was finishing up some PR function he was attending. The PR thing was something akin to Comi-con or some Sci-Fi Fan gathering (you know, those events that you wouldn't admit to going to if your life depended on it...and is a haven for those extreme geeks that you would never admit to knowing much less being friends with).  After my brief cell phone conversation with Zach,  I showed up at the hotel where the event was taking place and was caught up in the middle of some Harry Potter meet and greet at which Daniel Radcliffe was in attendance. He was being given some award which he had followed up with a congratulatory speech. Only this wasn't the normal Daniel Radcliffe you would expect. He was very creepy. The whole event itself was very cult-ish. His fans, both male and female, young and old, were fawning over him and praising him. He later mingled throughout the crowd stopping to pause for those who 'needed' his attention (think evangelists curing the sick). When he approached me he stopped and kissed me on the neck and then on the cheek. It was a very awkward kiss - as though he was simply pressing his lips against my skin and pausing in hopes that someone would notice and capture the moment on film for future use or reference. I felt nothing for him and, in fact, was somewhat repulsed by the whole experience. I just wanted to get away. And that was pretty much the content of the dream. Alas, no Zach.

NOTE TO DREAM SELF: If you are going to meet up with Zachary Quinto DO NOT STOP FOR ANYONE ELSE ALONG WAY (except of course certain high ranked tennis players)

This kind of reminds me of the time I dreamed that I was dating Elijah Wood. I don't really give these guys a second thought during the day and then out of nowhere they show up in my dreams. Weird.
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What's up with the dreaming of small, dark haired, blue-eyed celebrities? Well at least you're not dreaming of trying to save the planet from some kind of ultimate Evil...or maybe you are it just comes in small packages ROFL!!!