The first snowfall...

Ah the joy and bliss of the first snowfall of the season. Err, ummm, not really.

I woke up to the sound of ice pellets tapping against my window.  Freezing rain - such a LOVELY way to start off the day. There was some snow on the ground - barely. Mostly it was slush or ice. After being drenched by the freezing rain, I boarded my bus and had the joy of sitting in front of some guy who was not only smelly but also sick, his hacking cough persistently echoing throughout the bus as I travelled to Pape Station. Fortunately he left relatively quickly and his horrid memory was replaced by a much fonder one. A four(ish) year old girl sat in the back of the bus with her mother. Clearly the arrival of snow signifies the arrival of Christmas so she was all too innocently belting out her renditions of various Christmas carol,s none of  which she knew the correct lyrics for. OMG...sooooo cute. 

OKAY, so the day was a little better at that stage. I arrive at work about five minutes later than normal and discover no one else has yet arrived and this brings me to my rant of the day. Why is it that there is a double standard for employees who do not live in the city? Why is it accepted that these people can show up late for work whenever there is even a slight indication of inclement weather? I honestly don't think it is a justifiable excuse. I left earlier than normal and arrived on time. Open your eyes, look out the window, read the weather report...if you have to be in to work at 9 then get up earlier and leave earlier. You chose to live outside of the city for whatever reason you deemed applicable (less taxes, cheaper properties, more land....) but that doesn't mean you get reduced work hours for making that decision. No. You work the same hours as everyone else. If you "can't make it in on time because of the weather" then maybe you shouldn't be working at that location in the first place. I had to travel on public transit and lord knows it isn't  the most reliable but I  managed to make it in without a problem. The roads weren't closed. There wasn't a major snowstorm. We didn't even get 5 cms of snow. Yes there was ice in some patches but you adjust your driving for the different weather conditions. And the roads are salted to alleviate any driving concerns. So suffer. Stop being lazy. Stop making excuses and come in early like everyone else.

For the record:
  • Me (of the office staff, I live the second closest to work) - arrived at 8:55 AM
  • Ryan (lives the second furthest from work - about 1hr 10min drive without traffic) - arrived at 10:10 AM
  • Paul (lives the closest to work - about 10min drive without traffic) - arrived 11:10 AM
  • Cheryl (lives the furthest away - about 1hr 30min drive without traffic) - didn't bother coming in, decided to work from home
By the way, it is snowing now...the beautiful, fluffy, big flakes...and it is coating the ground and covering up the ugly slush that was there to start the day.

*sigh* Gee, I think I'll leave early...."because of the weather"....*rolls eyes*
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I hate the double standard too...it seems that if you live close and don't have to drive that you can make it in because our public transit system is the very best in the world and never has problems *rolls eyes*. Let them try taking the King streetcar when it rains or snows...I never get in on time unless I leave 15 - 20 minutes early or walk to the subway. So their theory that it's easier for us is wrong....we have to think alternatively whereas they mentality is to only think about their car, the snow and how long it will take and not a thought about leaving early since they already have to drive a long time so why should they have to think about coming in on time or at all! If it were my company..."find an alternative way in and close to on time or you're fired!"

Edited at 2007-11-24 04:59 pm (UTC)
It doesn't help when your boss shows up around 9:45 every day even though he lives only 15 mins away drive time and sets the protocol by deciding that, on those days when he is coming in from Kitchener or out of town, he doesn't need to show up until 11 AM!!!

Effective today (now that transfer season is for all intents and purposes over) I am taking the late bus in to arrive at 9 and leaving at 4 and I am not even going to give it a second thought!!
Effective today (now that transfer season is for all intents and purposes over) I am taking the late bus in to arrive at 9 and leaving at 4 and I am not even going to give it a second thought!!

Finally! Good for you!