Vive La France!

Final Jeopardy question tonight: the category: Women in History. Clue: Born an infanta in 1485, she died at Kimbolton Castle in England in 1536 with the official title Princess Dowager of Wales. Relatively simple question based on date and title part of clue. Answer, of course, is  Catherine of Aragon!!! And not one of the contestants, all of whom were women, knew the correct answer. *headdesk* Good lord who is educating the masses these days??

I'm not sure what was up this weekend but clearly I was supposed to be geared towards France as my very favourite movie, Man in the Iron Mask, was aired not once, not twice but three times. In addition, the ode to the beau pays continued with the  Count of Monte Cristo, featuring a *snicker* very young *snicker* Henry Cavill (he was such a dork back then), Quills, and the original Moulin Rouge. Gee, all they were missing was Amelie, French Kiss and highlights from the past three Roland Garros championships. *is homesick for Versailles*
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