On route to work I saw a raccoon - a fluffy, cute, squishy raccoon scurrying around the waterfront by west docks probably searching for food. That was the best part of my journey. I had to wait about 20 minutes for the Don Mills bus. In fact, five Thorncliffe buses came before one Don Mills bus showed up. It was truly pathetic.

Today we signed off on the office Christmas cards. That's right...I had to sign my name to about 200 cards. Let me just state right now that I never want to be famous. It is not worth the hand cramps.
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Today we signed off on the office Christmas cards.

I had to send out 9 cards to the Allocations Committee and I nicely avoided the 300 or so from SL since in all reality it has nothing to do with me.
Truthfully I enjoyed signing the cards - we have a round table and just sit around and talk while everyone is signing. It actually is a lot of fun. But that's my work. I really am lucky.
I didn't know you guys sat around a table which is really great. I happened to mention it to Mary at the AD and she thought it was wonderful too. Nothing like that happens at the AD...oh well.