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The Latest DVD Rentals...

Rented The Nanny Diaries which turned out to be less comedic and more depressing than I expected. There was a good degree of comedy  - Scarlett Johanssen carried that off well enough - but it was a little disturbing to experience the lifestyles of the Upper East Side Manhattan-ites. No matter how well off I plan on being someday I will never ever live like that!!

In addition, I rented a psychological drama movie entitled In a Dark Place - also about a nanny and her rather unusual charges. Word of warning - DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE. It made those recent, artsy Gus Van Sant  films (think Gerry, Last Days *cringes*) look like masterpieces. I have no idea what was going on or what the director/actors were trying to present. In fact, niviene and I considered leaving a note with the rental to advise future viewers to contact us and let us know what the hell actually happened 'cause neither of us could figure it out.  *eyedart*

Off to niviene's sister's house for dinner. Ta
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