The Gogo post...

I have formally named this the "GoGo" post as it relates to three things:
1. Golden Globes
2. Golden Compass
3. Go Ahead Tours
So sue me for trying to be cutesy with the post title...

First, the Golden Globe nominations come out tomorrow *is excited although unsure why* Awards ceremony is scheduled for January 13th if anyone dares to cross the picket line.

Second, I read the Entertainment Weekly article on The Golden Compass and was enlightened as to what the trilogy does exactly contain. Bona Dea!! I honestly can understand why these books are being banned. OK so maybe because it is Entertainment Weekly they just exaggerated a tad when they didn't need to but still - some of those concepts and philosophies are a bit scary even for an adult. I will, however, wait to judge for myself before I render any final opinion on the trilogy.

Third, I received an email from Go Ahead Tours (one of the very few viable travel operators that offers decent package vacations throughout the world and at a reasonable price) advertising the fact that their 2009 travel packages are now available for booking, at 2007 rates. Why is this significant? Because I actually can afford to take one of these vacations in 2009 as that is when the DMP is over!!!! *kelebrates* I've always loved their Wine, Waltzes & the Rhine tour - it would be perfect to go there at Christmas time. It should be mandatory that Neuschwanstein Castle is only  viewed/visited on a lovely snow-filled afternoon. Schonbrunn Palace, the Sound of Music scenery, the Black Forest, the Rhine Falls, an extension in Prague...*breathes deeply*

Sidenoe: OMG, CHUM FM is actually playing La Bamba right now. *Rafafangirlsquee* I really miss the little guy...
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Ooh, Austria...
It should be mandatory that Neuschwanstein Castle is only viewed/visited on a lovely snow-filled afternoon.

I agree COMPLETELY!!! Oh, and if you need someone who can speak a touch of deutsch, let me know;)
Re: Ooh, Austria...
Oh dang. I forgot about that language barrier thing. Well then again everyone there speaks English as a second language. Since the trip does go through Prague as well how quickly can you learn Czech???
Re: Ooh, Austria...
When I was in university, I considered trying out Prague - it's arty and darkly beautiful. My mother said knowing German was a good thing if you wanted a job there. Anyways, they probably speak English there, too. Man, Europeans really amaze me with the number of languages they speak. Oh, if only I were a polyglot!