Rome wasn't built in a day...

Are you kidding me???? Journeyman is no more!!! WTF???? That show is so good. Apparently  the deadline for NBC's option to renew was Dec. 11th and NBC has let that deadline pass without doing a thing. Then again, they haven't officially said it was cancelled. *crosses fingers*  If last night's episode turns out to be the final show I think I'm going to have write my own ending to the series just to tie up all the loose ends. At least the president of CBS has made my day by stating that  Moonlight will likely be returning for a second season. YAY!!!

I'm still hoping HBO gets their act together and realizes the best thing it could possibly do is draw upon the success of it's two most popular series, The Sopranos and Rome, and create a new historical series, set in Rome, and based upon the dominant and rival families of the Renaissance - the Borgias, the Medici, the Sforzas and the d'Estes. It would take place during that magical 20 year period between 1490 and 1510. There is so much material to draw from!!! It can start just as everyone is preparing for the papal conclave of 1492.  They can cover such events as the contentious papal election of Rodrigo, the death of Lorenzo the Magnificent, the rise of Savonarola, the marriage alliances for Crezia, the success of the papal army under Chez, the bonfire of the vanities, the corrupt cardinals, the 'friars in the fires' (aka Savonarola's trial by fire), Cat + Chez at the battle of Forli, the papal bulls, "virgo intacta', Banquet of the Chestnuts, the controversial deaths of certain family members, the rise of della Rovere - the future Julius II, the formation of the Swiss Guard, the creation of the Holy League, the construction of the new St. Peter's Basilica and the Sistine Chapel (and the various artwork within)...and lots and lots of camoes and recurring roles for Leo, Rapha, Nicco, Michaelangelo (geez, I really need to come up with a nickname for him...Mick??? Buona??? (right now I can't help but hearing Rafa saying "buona"...LOL), and what the heck, even a brief shout out to Columbus discovering America. OMG, the power, the sex, the violence, the greed, the depravity, the corruption...IN EVERY EPISODE...it will put The Sopranos and Rome to shame.
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That's hot. Naturally, I second the motion for HBO to create such a series. I'd get cable again just for that.