How many more minutes???

Last day at work...last day at work...I'm going home for the holidays in less than an hour!!!! I'm going to miss Cheryl and Paul and Ryan and Phil. Nice gifts, nice times here in the office as the holidays approach. Well  not so much yesterday at the staff Christmas lunch. I shouldn't have had that creme brulee dessert...especially with a headache and no aspirin in sight for five+ hours. It was painful to say the least. I'm still revolted by the sight of food.

Unfortunately no one on the internet covered the Iker vs Rafa match up. From what I have read, Rafa's team scored ten goals (should have been 12 but they were not valid according to the referees) and Iker's eight. Apparently Rafa himself scored six goals!!! I'm thinking vanNistelrooy is starting to sweat a little right about now.... Since they also counted the points in the tennis set (four games for Rafa's team with Rafa playing right-handed *LOL* and six games for Iker's team), the final result was 14-14 so they had to go for a tiebreaker with penalty shots. Rafa's team had two  and Iker's team managed one, so the final result was 16-15 for Rafa, who, naturally, scored the winning penalty shot. Predictable..but I'm certain it was a lot of fun for everyone involved. And I'm also certain I'll be seeing a lot more of the event on Youtube, etc. in the days to come.


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