Jasmine - Rolls Eyes

The un-Golden Globes of 2008...

The inevitable has occurred...."SAG president has announced that not one of the more than 70 actors nominated for a Golden Globe will attend the Jan. 13 ceremonies because of the WGA's plans to picket the event." *yawn*

You know what I think they should do? They should send the actors' assistants in their place - those poor people don't get enough credit for the work they are suckered into doing or the absurdities they are bound to put up with. Or how about just using regular hired seat fillers - that is what they get paid to do after all!? What the heck, I'm free on Sunday night. If Keira or Jodie or Cate or Angelina needs someone to fill in for them, I'm good. Just give me a call (and your hairstylists, make up crew, wardrobe, swag, $$$, etc. etc.). I know, it's rough but someone HAS to do it. *rolls eyes*
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