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The following is my update for January 15 including American Idol, 300, office relocation, and Australian Open Day Two.

*checks TV Guide* Oh yay! American Idol is on tonight. *considers this* Oh crap! It is the START of the new cycle of American Idol. That means it will take a couple of weeks to cover all the morons who can't sing and just basically want to get their 15 minutes, or rather, 2 minutes of fame. Call me when the season REALLY starts. Hopefully this season will be better than last. I can't even remember who won.

Since niviene  has started monopolizing the TV from 5-7 PM to watch cooking and home renovation shows, I think I may pop downstairs to the gym to see how busy it is at around 6 PM. I have been so lazy lately - I need to find the opportune time to workout and hopefully that is it.

Book update - I finished The Dante Club which, I'm happy to say, concluded with a wonderfully thrilling and entirely enjoyable finale. With that completion I have tallied my quota of three books/month for January. I do however plan on reading Paradiso and Paradise Lost by month end.

2008 Booklist
3 / 36 (8.33%)

Movie update - Watched Thermopalooza 300 last night and it was pretty decent - better than expected. The historical content was not that painful - they managed to get the few facts they needed to correct and included the key memorable quotes (the shield quote mistakenly and the rule of men quote attributed to Queen Gorgo, the 'come and get them' quote from Leo and the classic tribute 'go tell the Spartan's'). As for the ephors and the immortals, umm, err, last I checked, being physically deformed and/or handicapped was in no way a requirement of the post. If I were Ephialtes and/or the producers of Lord of the Rings I'd be suing for defamation of character and/or blatant rip-off of Gollum. Ephialtes may have been a traitor (and hence can now be found within the 9th Circle of Hell as per Inferno mandate - YES I have read way too much Dante lately!!!) but I wouldn't go so far as to make the poor guy a hunchback. King Xerxes, my, my, my. Think of a cross between a Stargate alien and Dennis Rodman with a touch of Liberace and there you go. Interesting mode of travel for Mr. X - a glorified litter that resembles the Ark of the Covenant (hmmm, I guess the Israelites weren't too happy about that one!!). The 'oracle' of Sparta. Hmm, apparently those boys in Sparta were special...they didn't need to consult the Pythia at Delphi like everyone else because they had their own personal oracle. Who knew? That sure must have made life simple for them...* rolls eyes*

Work update: the first draft of the new office layout was provided today. After some minor adjustments it really isn't that much different than the current set up. The individual offices would be smaller but there would be more window space. Although I initially wanted to avoid the closest office to the entrance I am now leaning towards it as it would likely mean I could come and go as I please without anyone noticing (except, of course, for the receptionist, if and when we ever hire one). Of course nothing is determined yet but it looks like we will be moving to the new SAO building which is less than five minutes away from the current location. I really wish that decision would be finalized soon as I do not want to be informed last-minute that we are moving to someplace like Mississauga or Markham. Unfortunately with this organization that is normally the way things are done - last-minute and reactionary.

AO Update: Everyone who was supposed to win did, with the exception of Marion Bartoli. Rafa's next match will be at approximately 8 PM EST which means TSN should cover it tonight...well that is if they were covering tennis live like they did last night. Alas, that would be much too much to ask of TSN. Their evening tennis feed does not start till 11 PM which means I'm stuck watching Rafa live on the internet. MEH. The Feli/Gasquet event is scheduled for approximately 3:30 AM EST . In other words, I won't be seeing any of it cause there is no way TSN will rebroadcast that 'trifle' over a precious Andy Roddick match. *pouts* Either way, good luck boys and I hope that when I see the scores tomorrow morning I won't be disappointed.

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Since niviene has started monopolizing the TV from 5-7 PM to watch cooking and home renovation shows, I think I may pop downstairs to the gym to see how busy it is at around 6 PM.

Hey you usually don't get home until 6pm most days anyway and you've got 7-8pm for Days of Our Lives so on the whole things even out...
I normally am home by 5:30 but I've had to run so many errands over the past few weeks I never manage to get there until 6. That will be changing after my performance review - I'm requesting to leave at 4 PM.

As for Days, I don't even get to watch that on certain days thanks to the new timeslot for Stargate: Atlantis on Mondays, and now Bones on Tuesdays, and Lost returning soon to take up Wednesday, leaving me with only Thursday and Friday. And even then I don't get to watch Days because I wind up flipping to Jeopardy which I no longer get to watch at 6:30. Soon I'm going to wind up recording Days and take a block of time on the weekend to watch it.

Can you believe Rafa watches LOST??? I really want to hear his theories on the show. Have you noticed how he is purchasing a lot more DVDs these days - particularly the lengthy multi-disc features?? He must be sooo bored. It's only a matter of time before he gets Rome and The Sopranos.