Signs that your boss is a metrosexual...

As part of the office 'bonding', our boss seems to think it is a good idea to, on occasion, take us out for lunch and other perk-ish activities. Needless to say, I have no objection such endeavours. So he went golfing with the boys in the summer and promised the girls that we'd have a spa day (himself included, of course). Today he decided to throw out another option - attending a matinee performance of a play, preferably a musical. YEP. That's my boss...the ultimate metrosexual. 
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Spas and Musicals and Men in Pink Shirts, oh my!
I love the girl options. Hooray for Metrosexuals! They have their compensations *coupghJudeLawcough* The guys' day, though - ugh! Golf? No thank U.