Say it isn't so...

Disturbing thought of the day...Geoffrey Ashe will be 85 this year. In other words, the odds of him continuing to guest lecture for Gothic Images Tours is looking bleaker and bleaker as time progresses. :-( 
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Let's hope that because he is in good health he will continue for the next two or three years or at least until we're able to take the tour! as Rafa would say: *cruisses the fingers*

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Just in case, I did some searches for Arthurian tours and there are plenty of others out there - even one with Caitlin Matthews that looks pretty decent. I just really want to meet Geoffrey Ashe...especially now that I found out he grew up, to some extent, in Canada. I think I have a geeky wise old professor crush on him...he looks like somebody who should be sitting around espousing thoughts with Socrates, no?
even one with Caitlin Matthews that looks pretty decent

I have quite a few of Caitlin and John Matthew's books...they are just as knowledgeable about Celtic Britain as Geoffrey is IMHO.