Winter Active, AO & the Cinema....

It is January 18th and I have yet to really begin a proper workout regime as I had hoped. I'm sooooo ashamed. Fortunately, the Sport Alliance is part of the Winter Active campaign and, as such, our office is now competing in the Pedometer challenge. In other words, I have no choice but to start working out - or, at the very least, walking...everywhere. Hopefully that will motivate me to do more.

AO update: Rafa is into the 4th round and will face Paule-Henri Mathieu, whom Rafa has a 6-0 record against (and 4 of those wins are on hard court). Even better news, I hope, is the fact that Kohlschreiber pulled out the win versus Roddick and looks to be Rafa's QF opponent. *cruises fingers*  On the women's side, Shahar is out...but it wasn't meant to be as she was situated in a rather difficult quarter and would have ultimately had to face Sharapova.

This weekend, hopefully niviene and I will FINALLY get to see National Treasure...it's been sooo long since we've seen a movie in the theatres. I'm really looking forward to it.
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