Snow, Oscars, AO...

Torontonians are, quite simply, useless. OK...let's set this up. It is January...hence, WINTER. And what exactly does that entail? Sometime between December and February It is going to snow. Yes folks, you know this as fact. So why then do we Torontonians always act dumbfounded in response to this habitual meteorological activity as though it is some kind of catastrophe of near apocalyptic proportions? This morning, as per the weather forecast, there is a MINOR snowfall. We are talking maybe 2-3 cm at the very most. And how does that affect Toronto? Well, let's take my office for example. One employee has yet to arrive after sitting in traffic for over two hours. Another employee called in to say they would be late (that is, about 45 minutes to an hour) because of 'the weather'. Another one hasn't even bothered to call in. There  have been not one, not two, but three snow plows clearing and salting the area since I arrived. All this for a measly 2-3 cm of snow. I'm certain the office will be shut down by 3:30 at the very latest so that everyone has sufficient time to get home to avoid the 'extra traffic'. What extra traffic, I ask? Shouldn't there be the same amount of people on the streets as normal??? Why would there be any more than normal??? If anything, there should be less since, I'm certain, people are avoiding this 'paralyzing' winter storm at all costs by simply staying home. A snow day...for 2-3 cm of snow??? Pathetic.

Oscar nominations were announced this morning and there wasn't anything particularly surprising. Some have declared that the lack of nomination for the actors in Atonement is unusual but since the awards season has started, aside from the Globes (which take place AFTER Oscar nominations are finalized), it really hasn't won anything even though it had received so many prior noms...hence the Oscar snubs. Cate is nominated for Actress and Supporting Actress. In truth she stands a better chance in Supporting Actress but since she has already won that category before I don't see why she should win it again. Oscar likes to 'spread the love' around. Ellen Page and Saoirse Ronan have fulfilled the token nominations for U21 actors. My predictions which will no doubt be WAY OFF...

Actress: Marion (or Julie or Laura)
Actor: I really want Viggo to win but probably Daniel
Supp Actress: Tilda (what the heck, why not...someone different) or Amy
Supp Actor: Javier (or Hal, if Hal hasn't ever won an Oscar)
Director: the guy who directed No Country for Old Men
Movie: who knows??? *draws name from hat*

AO QF: I had the pleasure of watching the Nadal QF victory, which ended thankfully not too late at approx. 1:30 AM EST to allow for a reasonable five hours of sleep.  *does happy dance* Next up is, unfortunately, Tsonga (not Youzhny) in the Semi. By the end of this tourney, if Rafa is successful in that Semi, he'll be lucky if they allow him back into France after having defeated Frenchmen Serra, Simon, Mathieu and Tsonga respectively. Tsonga...grrr. He wasn't exactly a very 'upstanding' opponent for Rafa last year at the US Open. Please dispose of him exactly as you did then - in straight sets. *cruises fingers* Tonight is Federer vs Blake and Ferrer vs Djokovic. Is it too much to ask for a Blake/Ferrer Semi?? *dreams on* And, joy of joys, Serena is OUT. Hopefully Venus will be disposed of later todayl. That Sharapova/Jankovic Semi is  more appealing than the potential Final (hopefully with Ivanovic). I am actually inclined to watch both the Ladies' Semi and Final should the time differences permit. And yay...Shahar's doubles team has made the Semis with a quite reasonable chance to make the Finals. No matter the ultimate outcome, this has been a rather successful Australian Open by all accounts.