Some good news, sort of...

Day two of the cold. It hasn't been that bad - a very minor sore throat. Normally the sore throat is the worst part but what I am experiencing now is more than tolerable. I think the herbal medicine is really working wonders. If I am feeling well enough, I may even go out to the cinema to watch Atonement tomorrow.

I made a wonderful discovery today. The total amount owing/payout balance for my DMP is less than I had  tallied. In other words, my target  date for payout has been bumped up to March 15, 2009. A most apt date, don't you think? The Ides of March. sic semper tyrannis. I dare you to deny that those credit card collection agencies aren't the worst tyrants ever!?

There have been some very interesting developments coming out of  Australia. Fed was defeated...in straight sets. What this means is aside from a ridiculously boring final between Djoker and Tsonga that I'm certain will be of zero interest to the general public and viewing audience upon completion of this week, if my ATP rankings calculations are correct, Rafa will be a meager 650 points away from being number one. *faints* I firmly predict that at some point during this season, barring any major injuries, Rogelio will drop to #3 in the rankings (unless, in a fit of paranoia, he adds more tourneys to his schedule), with Rafa and Nole flipping back and forth for the #1 spot. And, gods willing, the Holy Trinity of Tennis will sit loftily atop the rankings for the next couple seasons. February shapes up like this:

  • Federer - will not play any tourneys until Dubai. Since he won Dubai last year, he will have to defend that title or lose 300 points.
  • Nadal - will play Rotterdam and Dubai. He did not play Rotterdam last year so has a potential of up to 250 points to gain there. In Dubai, last year he went to the QFs so he has 75 points to defend there
  • Djokovic - will play Marseille, Rotterdam and Dubai. He did not play Marseille last year and can gain up to 200 more points there. In Rotterdam, he made it to the Semis last year and has 110 points to defend. In Dubai , he made it to the QFs last year and has 75 points to defend.
March is much scarier...let's not even go there...I leave it up to Tyche to let this all play out for us tennis acolytes. Hopefully She will be kind to Rafa and reward him for his lack of hubris, a quality that is definitely not lacking in his two opponents.

Sadly, Shahar's doubles team did not win the final. Tomorrow, or tonight, depending on your time zone, is the Sharapova/Ivanovic final. I like them both about the same so I really don't care who wins - I just hope for a great match. :-) *sigh* If only men's tennis were that simple??!!
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The final turned out to be tolerable. It would have been so much more interesting had it been Rafa vs Djokovic. At least it wasn't another 'Federer vs some guy Federer beats in straight sets' match - those are even more painful to watch. Next up for Rafa is Rotterdam in mid February. I'm counting down the days now...